10 Bathroom Hacks For Remodel Saving

Improving functionality and appearance in a bathroom can be achievable goals with some helpful bathroom hacks. Some minor upgrades and installation considerations help your bathroom retain timeless quality, appearance and performance.


Bathroom lighting can make or break a space. To ensure ample lighting, install recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling and in the shower area of the bathroom. A dimmer switch helps the room transition from a bright, functional space to the ideal space for a relaxing spa-like experience. Mirror lighting can be functional or decorative depending on how you use the space.


If you’ve ever dealt with a clogged drain, you know what a disgusting mess it can be. Help reduce the clog issue by upgrading drain pipes from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. A larger drain means more hair, soap, toothpaste, etc. can go through the pipes without causing a clog. A 2-inch shower drain is an especially good idea considering the amount of hair that can go down it.

Efficient vanity storage

When installing a new vanity, consider the convenience of drawers instead of doors for optimum storage. While a cabinet style may seem more spacious, drawers provide easier organization and access without the worry of items falling out.

Medicine cabinet

A recessed medicine cabinet is a great way to compensate for lack of space from a shallow vanity. You can also have a medicine cabinet that protrudes 4-5 inches if you can’t have a recessed cabinet.


If you don’t like the look of traditional floor-mounted toilets, you can choose a wall-mounted unit. The tank on wall-mounted toilets remains hidden behind the wall and requires different plumbing than traditional toilets.

Tub or shower

If you have to choose between a shower and tub, consider your preferred way to wash. If you don’t take that many baths, then go with a shower and vice versa. A combination shower and tub eliminates the need to decide between the two, but usually provide limited tub size.

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Shower window

A window in the shower can provide natural light while maintain privacy when you use frosted glass. If you want a window that opens, use a tilted window to maintain privacy. Always ensure that the installation is watertight and that the sill slopes down for drainage.

Shower flooring

Using smaller tiles for shower flooring is a good idea because large tiles can be hard to slope and slippery. Use textured tiles for additional traction.

Shower base

You don’t have to settle for the prefabricated shower bases, there are so many options available. Today’s shower bases come in various materials and colors to coordinate with the rest of the space.

Shower sill

The shower sill needs to have the proper slope into the shower to ensure drainage. It should be a solid piece of a material such as quartz or stone to prevent water damage between tile grout lines.

If you use some of these clever hacks you will have the bathroom you've always wanted without breaking the budget.

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