12 Tips To Design A Beautiful Room

Are you lost when it comes to interior design? Or maybe you have an eye for style, but want to expand your design skills? Here are some foundational principles that will enhance your home no matter your level of design expertise. Try out these 12 tips so you can start transforming your room immediately.

Wait to Choose Wall Color

When you move into a new home or want to give your room a fresh look, paint colors are often chosen first. Make sure you have all of your new furniture and décor items in the room before choosing a color. There are a plethora of options when it comes to color so make sure it enhances the pieces in your room. If you are buying a new home keep an eye on how the light in the room will affect the colors you choose. 

Decongest Your Layout

Don’t clutter your room with a lot of furniture or pieces that are too large for the room. Make sure you and your guests have a comfortable amount of room to navigate around furniture. If you are working with a budget then focus on a couple of high quality pieces. You’ll save by buying less and your pieces won’t be stealing each other’s attention. 

Art Work Height

The industry standard for galleries to hang paintings is 57 to 60 inches from the center of the painting. It can be tempting to hang paintings higher in a room with tall ceilings, but a painting's position shouldn’t be altered, as it should always be at eye level. If you aren’t sure whether you need a small or large painting, try taking a picture of your wall and use Photoshop or freehand dreawing to lay out where you would want your pieces placed.

Rug Arrangement

There are three ways you can position your furniture on a rug. If you have a large room and large rug to match then you can place all furniture legs on your rug. With this arrangement leave 12 to 18 inches between the end of the rug and your furniture. With a small room it’s best to leave all the furniture legs off of the rug. Another option is to only put the front feet of your pieces on the rug to create an open feeling. 

Don’t Overdo the Theme

There are certain themes that are overdone like the nautical theme. Make sure you aren’t just using a cookie cutter design, put your own individual taste into the theme.

Focal Point

There should be one focal point in the room that steals the show. The rest of the room should compliment that piece. The focal point can be anything from a headboard to a fireplace mantel.

Sight Lines

Usually the best place for a focal point is across from the entrance of a room.

Prioritize Collectables

Don’t let sentimental value cloud your design judgment. When you start holding on to every treasured piece not only will it clutter your room, but most likely it will detract from the theme. 

Light Variety

Don’t settle with one form of light. Different forms of light in a room will create diversity and interest in a room. Play with lighting to find the best ambiance light and highlighting your focal pieces.

Don’t Be Shy

This is your home, so add your own style to it and don’t be afraid if it’s out of the norm. Get out of the box and test out what could work for your room that reflects your personality.

Don’t Follow the Rules

The previous principles are a guide, but sometimes you should throw out the rules. They are a great foundation for design, but if something makes you happy then go with that.

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