3 Projects that Will Throw Off Your Remodel Timeline

Thinking about remodeling your home is exciting! You look around at all the changes you would like made and envision the final result. However, before you put on those rose-colored glasses about the whole process, know that this will take effort. But also know, the effort is well worth it.

Be aware - some projects take longer than others. And each customization will add to the overall schedule. It may not seem like much to figure some time here and there. But when summed up, you notice the difference. So listed below are a few projects that will require waiting, just to give you an idea.

Custom Cabinets

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your favorite cooking and serving utensils fit just right in the kitchen? Well, they can, but you should expect to wait for the end result that much longer. For one, they must be built from scratch. And if the type of wood or other material you wish to use is not on hand for your supplier, it will delay the project further. If you choose this avenue, then it is best to have all the details for the cabinets prior to pulling out the hammers and nails. This ensures that when the cabinets are to be installed, they will be available from the manufacturer. But there is a downside to this. Quick tip: Avoid making changes during the remodeling of the kitchen. If there are changes made, then chance are those highly prized cabinets will not fit.

Specialty Sized Windows And Doors

Replacing windows and doors are often fueled by a desire to reduce heating costs. And it is a great idea. But those windows and doors are usually not standard size and may not fit your original doors. However, there may be an upside. If you do your research to find the right replacement window, there will be no need for additional construction for them on the structure of the house. Regardless, there will be a wait for the replacements to be made. So, be sure to add the extra time into the schedule.

Lead Times

There are all sorts of products requiring extra time. For instance, if you would like black nickel-plating for bathroom fixtures, those are a special order. And some ideas may be conjured up for things that don’t even exist. Those, too, will be a part of the waiting game.

Customization Equals More Time

So, you see there are some portions of a house remodel that will require a bit of extra time. Are they worth the wait? Of course! You will have a home that is truly unique, and all your own. But you need to know at the start where there are delays for customization. Go over all the designs and figure out the schedule before construction begins, to help build in those production times. And when it is done, enjoy your new home!

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