5 Design Ideas For Every Kitchen

If you are considering a kitchen remodel there are some practical and elegant ideas everyone should consider. Here are some ideas you want to check out before finalizing your kitchen remodeling plans.

Water-Resistant Flooring Near the Sink

Of course you can simply use a material like tile or linoleum on the entire kitchen floor, but you don’t have to rule out wood flooring in the kitchen. In fact wood floors can be especially desirable if your dining room is adjacent to your kitchen as they allow you to seamlessly install the same flooring in both adjoining rooms.

However, a hardwood floor that is suitable for your dining room and most of your kitchen may not be hardy enough to withstand the water droplets that end up on the floor near the sink. Solve this problem with an insert made of tile, linoleum, or a durable tropical wood like ipe.

Glass Backsplashes

Whether you seek a tiled or seamless look for your kitchen backsplash, back-painted Dreamwall glass is a great option. It consists of ultra-clear glass that is painted twice on the back – first in the color of your choice and then with a protective coating.

It can be installed in long strips for a seamless or almost seamless look that is especially suitable for a contemporary style kitchen. Alternatively, small “tiles” of Dreamwall glass can be ordered in the color(s) of your choosing and used to create a backsplash with a more tiled or mosaic appearance.

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Concrete Countertops

While the idea may sound odd at first – you start picturing an elevated sidewalk running through your kitchen – concrete countertops are actually quite attractive and offer appealing features including –

  • Competitively priced
  • Very durable
  • More eco-friendly that some other countertop materials
  • Available in many colors and custom variations

Cabinet Glass

Offered in clear, colored, patterned, and frosted variations, cabinet glass can be used in your kitchen in a number of ways.

  • Show off a wine collection or set of vintage china dinnerware.
  • Modernize dated cupboard doors.
  • Incorporate the appealing aesthetics of glass without displaying all the cupboard’s contents (frosted or patterned options).
  • Update on old hutch or pantry.

Window Above the Sink

If it’s feasible, you may want to consider adding a vinyl window above the kitchen sink. Modern high-performance windows are energy-efficient and easy to use. They let in the natural light we desire while minimizing the loss of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

A window above the sink creates a more pleasant workspace for a person washing dishes, rinsing veggies, etc. It can also improve the atmosphere of the whole kitchen by making it brighter and perhaps displaying an attractive view of the outdoors.

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