Misconceptions About Glass Shower Doors

5 Misconceptions About Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are all the craze. And for good reason. They are sleek, clean, and help brighten up your space; however, a lot of people have some misconceptions about them. Below are the top myths about glass shower doors that we’ve debunked.

1. They’re dangerous. 

A lot of people think glass shower doors can easily shatter, and we admit, it’s happened before. But really, the tempered glass used to make most glass shower doors is very strong and hard to break. Plus, it’s made to break into tiny pieces that won’t cut or scratch, to prevent injuries. 

2. They’re hard to clean. 

Glass shower doors are very easy to clean, especially if you maintain them. Just using a squeegee after each shower can help eliminate water spots. Simply wiping them down weekly will avoid buildup as well. Unlike with shower curtains, you won’t need to replace them frequently.

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Glass shower doors can be inexpensive, easy to clean, and are all around the best option for your shower enclosure.

3. They’re too expensive.

There are a lot of glass shower door options. And many are offered at competitive pricing, depending on what type of shower door you choose. On the low end, a glass shower door can actually be priced anywhere from $500-1,000. The average price is only $1,200-1,800. Don’t hesitate to call and ask for quotes. Tip: Arrow will even do a free consultation.

4. They won’t match your style. 

Your glass shower door can match whatever design scheme you have in your bathroom. You can select a frameless or framed shower door. You can have a sliding glass or pivot door. You can choose to have frosted or clear glass. In addition, there are several pattern glass options that will help make your shower stand out. The options are limitless. Now that you have a clear sightline into your shower, you can use other fixtures like a rain shower head or tile work to stand out.

5. They’ll leak water.

If your shower door is installed correctly, this won’t happen. The installation team will make sure the shower head is pointing away from the door and any seam. For the most part, your shower head should be opposite from the hinge. It all depends on what kind of door you have and where the showerhead is installed. Tip: Arrow will do a free onsite estimate and measure your space for you. 

Ultimately, glass shower doors are the way to go. Within no time, you can change the whole look of your bathroom and even increase the value of your home. Talk about a win-win!

If you’re looking to install a new glass shower door, contact Arrow Glass & Mirror today!

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