5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An Interior Designer

Before you pull the trigger and hire an interior designer you should interview them to see if they have the qualities you are looking for. If you are lost and don’t know what specific questions to ask then use the following questions as a foundation to get started. 

How Is Your Rate Determined?

You will usually be charged one of two ways, either by the hour or by room. If your designer pays by an hourly basis then you won’t be able to definitively determine what your overall cost will be. However, you will be able to discern what your design costs will be if they charge by room. According to improvenet most homeowners spend $2,001 to $4,670 on an interior designer.

When Do Your Require Payment?

You and your designer should sign a letter of agreement specifying the details of your design. This agreement should include how much the project will cost and when the payments are expected. Payment plans depend on the designer you choose, some may want half upfront or to set up a reoccuring payment. Most require some sort of down payment before they begin their services.

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Are There Any Discounts You Offer?

Designers have a vast network consisting of home service professionals like manufacturers and retailers. With these relationships they can get discounts on certain products, since the designer cuts out the middleman. They often will mark up the price from what they actually paid for the product or service, but rest assured you will still get a deal. 

Can I See A Portfolio of Designs For Houses Similar To Mine?

Seeing a portfolio of your potential designer’s work is a necessary step to see if you like their work and mesh with their style.

Do You Have A List of References?

See how testimonials from their references match up with what they promised you. Talking with employees or clients will give you a different perspective of their work.

Make sure you keep asking questions until you feel comfortable with their design expertise.

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