5 Signs You Need A Shower Enclosure Upgrade

Whether you are planning to live in your home for a while or sell it, here are the signs that tell you when to upgrade your shower. It could be time to upgrade the crown jewel of your bathroom and increase the resale value of your home.

Curtains. Need I Say More?

It’s time to remodel your shower when you have curtains. Sure there can be some cute curtain designs, but for the most part they are bulky, hard to clean, and outdated. Not to mention that make every bathroom look smaller than they really are. When you make the switch to glass shower doors you will notice how much it opens up your bathroom. A glass shower enclosure is also very easy to keep clean.

Style Preference 

You know it’s time for an upgrade when your bathroom is more stylish than your shower. A shower enclosure is usually the first aspect noticed in a bathroom and can either be a vocal point or an eyesore. Here are the trending styles for shower doors:

  • Textured Glass Enclosure: Provides privacy while still making your bathroom feel larger
  • Dual Entrance: Have two entrances to your shower on each side of a glass panel
  • Combine Tile & Glass: Surround a glass enclosure with tile
  • Add Aluminum: Don’t be afraid to add unique materials to your enclosure like aluminum

Day At The Spa

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? Most of us do, so enjoy the spa at home. Add features like a waterfall showerhead or steam shower to be relaxed and ready to take on every day.

Maximize Space

Curtains can be bulky and old frame doors that pull out can create cramped bathrooms when space is limited. In that case add a sliding glass enclosure to optimize space.

Get Rid of The Rub 

Most of us simply don’t have time for the bathtub, so why waste all of that valuable space? More and more homeowners are using that wasted space to create a upgraded shower that will be appreciated.

Incorporate one of these upgrades to enjoy your bathroom now or have piece of mind knowing you will get a greater resale value with an upgraded shower.

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