7 Glass Must Haves For Modern Luxury Homes

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Modern contemporary homes incorporate the use of glass in the design. Glass not only adds a sense of elegance and refinement, but it also helps to bring light into the home and enhance certain features. The flexibility and versatility of glass is unsurpassed by any other home building material. And, since glass comes in so many shapes, colors, forms and styles, it’s suitable in a variety of different applications around the home. The following are seven creative and stylish ways to use glass in your modern luxury home design.

Glass Countertops

You can use cast glass countertops in your kitchen or bathroom in your modern luxury home. Cast glass countertops are a conversation piece in and of themselves. They are resistant to the germs and bacteria that typically accumulate on countertops in the kitchen and bath, easy to clean and help to disperse light where you need it most.

Glass Flooring

Laminated structural glass floors are the ultimate in luxury home building. The material can be used to construct a glass bridge or entire floor, where owners can enjoy complete visibility to what lies beneath. Glass flooring solutions allow for even more creativity in the home design, such as a glass floor over an indoor garden, or an indoor swimming pool.

Glass Block Shower Walls

Glass block provides privacy while simultaneously adding style to the shower. Glass block allows light in, which helps to create a luxurious shower atmosphere. Glass block shower walls are incredibly easy to keep clean, and naturally resist the build up of mold and mildew that other shower wall materials are prone to.

Glass Doors

Using glass, an entry door in a luxury home can transcend what a front door usually looks like. Glass entry doors epitomize what a grand entrance should be.

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Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

Tile backsplashes have become commonplace. In modern luxury homes, back-painted glass kitchen backsplashes are the new chic. These backsplashes are lustrous, and command attention with their versatile color options.

Glass Water Feature

The sound of flowing water is at once calming and inspiring. Modern luxury home builders are beginning to build glass water features as a way to influence the atmosphere of a home. Homeowners uniformly appreciate the restorative effects of a glass water feature after a long day at work.

Glass Stair Treads

Expansive estates with dozens of modern luxury homes often have elaborate staircases as the focal point of the entryway. These staircases are increasingly being adorned with glass stair treads that add a wow factor as well as added functionality to the staircase. Instead of having the treads block light, glass stair treads allow the light to filter right through, helping to give the home that open space design that is so popular among modern luxury homeowners. Do these ideas for incorporating glass in the home inspire your creative spirit? Call us to today to find out how decorative and structural glass can become a part of your home décor! (512) 339-4888

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