7 Secrets To Get The Best Looking Grout

There’s more to grout than just choosing the right color to coordinate with your tiles. For your project to look stunning, you need a great grout job. A poor grout job can detract from even the best tile installation. Knowing the right way to apply grout makes the job easier and helps ensure favorable results.

Right grout type

After making sure that the tile you’ve chosen for the job can withstand the installation location, you need to find the right grout type. Certain types of tile require a certain type of grout and if you’re unsure what you need, always consult a professional.

Cement grout

The easiest and most affordable grout is cement, but it often requires a sealant to keep out moisture and dirt. You can find cement grout in unsanded and sanded types to accommodate the grout width you need. To ensure you have enough grout for the job, calculate the quantity required and purchase 25-50% additional. When the job requires more than one bag of cement, blend it all together before the first load of grout so you have an even grout color. If you’re working with glass tiles, test the grout on a sample board to ensure that it doesn’t scratch the tiles.

Epoxy grout

Although more expensive than cement grout, epoxy grouts have great durability and resist chemicals and stains. Epoxy grouts come in various colors and have more flexible thermal expansion than cement. Epoxy grout works well in a bathroom because it can accommodate the changes of humidity and temperature in such a space. This type of flexible grout is also a good choice if the room you’re tiling endures extreme temperature changes due to large windows.

Transition areas

For a room that has more than one type of flooring, such as a mixture of tile and wood, you need an expansion area to compensate for the expanding and contracting of wood and tile during temperature changes. You should be able to find a caulk that matches the grout for tub and shower areas, just make sure that the chosen caulk is suitable for a wet area.

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Custom grout color

Although using a custom color grout may make potential future repairs tricky, it’s worth the investment to achieve the look you want for the tile job. If you have your heart set on pure white grout, you may have a hard time finding it as many grouts come in a slightly off-white color.

If the tiled area receives a lot of direct sunlight exposure, you may want to choose a cement grout instead of an epoxy grout that can fade or discolor in sunlight.

Use a sample board

Before installing any tile on the floor, it’s advisable to have a sample board made or make one yourself. By applying the tile and grout to a small sample board, you can see what the final installation will look like and make any changes to colors or materials. The sample board shows how the grout and tile will work together and gives a tangible representation of results.

Proper lighting

Even the best grout and tile job won’t get the attention it deserves without the right lighting. Layering light in tile bathrooms helps show off all the best features of a great floor installation. To ensure that your tile work looks its best in all lights, have the lighting sources in place before installing the tile and make sure that the area is well-lit during tile installation.

The most important step in any grout job is to take the proper amount of time to ensure quality results.

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