7 Ways To Declutter Your Home

When you come home from a long day it’s time to kick off your shoes and relax. Let’s be honest most of us can’t do that in a cluttered room. In order to maintain a Zen home get organized and remove anything from intruding on your R&R time.

Here are some tips to de-clutter while still keeping some of your favorite items.

Vertical Challenge

Especially in a small room, you should take advantage of unused wall space. Use your walls for storage after you have cleared out all of the unnecessary items in your home. What you bring back in to store should only be items that are necessary or of sentimental value. Remember the goal: declutter.

Think about using open glass shelving so you showcase your most cherished items. This will allow you to keep all flat surfaces clear of items to create clean line and hey, you may even have room for your coffee cup now.

What’s in Your Hallway?

Best guess, your entry hallway has anything from shoes to a random scarf. Entry hallways are usually a magnet for odd things that pile up over time. Time to get organized with storage for shoes, coats, and every other item you keep in that space. If you have children make sure the storage areas easy for them to access.

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is one of the most loved places in your home, aka it is the most used and abused. Life happens which translates into piles of dishes and expired food taking refuge in the back of your pantry. The key is to give everything its own place so you can simply put it back where it belongs. When your kitchen is cluttered meaning every counter is free of appliances or dishes then it will actually appear larger.

Have a Secret Hiding Spot

Find places that you can hide the items you need stored so you create more space. You can camouflage your stored items in furniture like ottomans. These are great because they usually have storage elements in the core, but can also double as a coffee table or extra seating for guests. Another great spot in under the your bed to store your off season clothes and free up your closet.

Tame Your Room

Your room is the ultimate place for recharging so its good to begin the organization process here. Even just taking a few minutes in the morning to put things back where they belong will let you rest easy when you come home. Think about adding some shelves so that your books aren’t cluttering your nightstand.

Showcase Your Valuables

Usually glass cabinets are seen in a dining room to display vintage or valuable dishes, but they can be used to display any item you want to showcase. This will also keep your items ie. dishes clean and dust free.

Play Areas

If you have children you probably know how easily toys can explode and clutter a room. Create colorful and accessible organization that your children can easily use to put their toys back in.

Make your home a sanctuary again by following these simple organization tips.

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