Adding accessibility to your shower enclosure is a must.

8 Ways to Add Accessibility to Senior (Or Wheelchair Friendly) Shower Enclosures

If it isn’t easy to access your shower it’s time for a remodel. Accessibility is key to your bathroom, especially when it comes to seniors or those requiring a wheelchair who may need special accommodations. Below are some tips on how to make your glass shower enclosure accessible.

1. Install Grab Bars and Rails 

Easy to do and cost-effective, adding grab bars and rails is a great way to make using the shower simpler and safer.

2. Utilize Curbless Showers

A curbless shower is a great option for those who have a hard time lifting their legs. In addition to making your bathroom more accessible, it offers a unique look for your shower enclosure. Also, curbless showers makes the transition from wheelchair to shower easier. 

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3. Add a Shower Seat or Bench

Your shower enclosure needs to be accessible. Learn how to make your glass shower doors more accessible.For those who have a hard time standing for long periods of time, a shower seat or bench in your shower enclosure gives you a chance to relax. Seniors can rest comfortably and safely as they bathe. 

4. Create a Wider Doorway 

Getting into the shower is half the battle, so why not opt for a wider doorway to make entry a smoother process. A strategically designed glass shower door could make all the difference on the ease of moving around your bathroom. 

5. Design a Larger Space 

If you’re designing and reconfiguring your shower space to account for those who need a bit more help, make sure to provide enough room to get around comfortably. Glass shower doors already open up space, so use that to your advantage. 

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6. Use Non-Slip Mats 

The shower is a slippery area. The majority of accidents in the bathroom occur while attempting to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. If you have a shower enclosure fit for seniors, adding non-slip mats right next to showers, as well as slip-resistant designs inside the space will go a long way in stopping potential problems. 

7. Fasten a Sprayer Attachment for Your Shower-Head 

For seniors and those in wheelchairs, a hand-held sprayer is a great option. This is especially helpful for those who will be using a shower seat or bench while taking a shower.

8. Put in an Emergency Phone or Button 

If a worst-case scenario does occur, leaving you possibly injured, adding a waterproof emergency phone or button to your shower enclosure is a great way to alert others if you’re in need of help.

Taking some of these ideas into consideration will do plenty to assist seniors and those in wheelchairs when it comes to feeling safe in their shower enclosure. 

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