Are you thinking of renovating your shower enclosure with new glass shower doors? If so, here are the top 6 signs that you need to get a new glass shower enclosure or glass shower doors.

The shower area is one of the most frequently renovated areas of the bathroom, and for good reason. When it comes time to put your home on the market, few home improvements increase your homes value like a sparkling new glass shower door.

Shower doors and enclosures are usually built from tempered glass. While you’ve probably heard this term, you may not know how exactly tempered glass differs from “regular” glass (technically referred to as annealed glass).

When you experience wear and tear on your glass shower door, repairing it can seem like an overwhelming process; however, it doesn't have to be. Today, you'll learn how to do the most basic shower door repairs and when you need to call a glass expert to fix or replace your shower door.

When your glass shower door gets scratched, it's a pain to repair...Or is it? As it turns out, repairing your glass shower door can be simple. Today, you'll learn how to repair scratches on your shower enclosure and when you'll need to call a professional glass expert.

Upgrading to a walk in shower can seem like a daunting process. All the options can be overwhelming. However, the best thing to do is write down your ideas and save pictures of all the options you want included in your upgrade. Below are some walk in shower ideas to help kick start your shower enclosure upgrade.

When upgrading your shower enclosure, it’s perfectly normal to have questions about the process. In this guide, we’ll go over the entire process, starting with research, planning, design and even how to clean your glass shower enclosure once it’s installed.

If you’ve spent the better part of this year dreaming about it a shower renovation, why not take the plunge in 2019 – ‘Tis the season! With new design trends becoming popular and classic design trends making a comeback, you have more choices than ever for your new glass shower door.

A glass shower door will enlarge your bathroom and make it feel brighter, all while increasing the value of your home. From layout to space, creating a functional shower is of the utmost importance. You need to consider the functionality and your needs before moving forward.

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