Are Glass Floors Genius or Demented?

Glass has a contemporary and sleek flair when it’s added to a room. It’s transparency lets light into the room opens it up. But is it going to far to use it as a floor? Maybe if you have severe fear of heights, but unless you’re at the Grand Canyon Skywalk you should be fine. Besides without glass floors we wouldn’t have the same vantage point to see the Grand Canyon.

Glass floors certainly make a statement by showcasing what is underneath them. Here are some reasons to consider glass floors.

Natural Light

Natural light not only brightens up your room, but it will brighten up your mood as well. Consider adding it to your office for increased productivity.

Wow Factor

If you want to floor your guests, literally, then glass floors are your ticket. They also can be incorporated to glass floors as art pieces. Showcase them in a modern home, commercial building, or retail business.

Enhance Experience

Adding glass floors allows you to see into other spaces and experience them while in another room. It can connect you to other parts of the space. For example, you might want to showcase other rooms in a museum or library. Glass railing will also enhance your experience whether you are inside or outdoors.

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Sell The Space

The fact is that dark and dingy rooms are just harder to sell. Adding light to a room through a skylight will give it natural light that makes the room feel fresh a clean.

Brightness 2.0

We’ve pointed out the beauty of glass’ transparency characteristics, but it can also be leveraged to brighten up your floor with light at night. Illuminate your glass floor for added dramatic effects.

But Is It Safe?

There’s always a safety concern when it comes to glass floors because its well glass. However, solid tempered and laminated glass systems with aluminum and steel supports will keep you and others safe.

Keep Your Privacy

Usually rooms have walls for privacy reasons. By adding a translucent, obscure glass you can achieve privacy in any room. This is a great option for a business because glass creates that sense that there is open communication and transparency in the office.

Slip N’ Slide Floors

Glass usually doesn’t have a lot of traction on them so a big concern is if there’s a spill will a glass floor turn into a slip n’ slide? To your kids dismay, no it does not turn into a water amusement park. There are a lot of anti-skid surfaces available.

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