Basics Steps to Window Glass Installation

Whether you need a bigger mirror installed in your bathroom, or the glass replaced in one of your windows, it is helpful to know what to expect when you call a professional glass company. Read on to find out more about the glass installation process for windows and mirrors.

Measurements Matter

If you have ever heard the old saying to "measure twice and cut once" then you understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to cutting the perfect sized pieces of glass for your home. The glass installation process actually begins with several measurements that must be taken.

The windowsill, outside and inside sashes, trims, and jambs all must be taken in to consideration. Sometimes, depending on the home, the proximity of other window locations might also need to be recorded.

If the glass is needed for mirrors, instead of windows, then the height, width, and location of other trim or hardware is needed. After all of this is done, the glass is cut.

Taking Out the Old

The next step in glass installation is removing the old glass from the windows, or taking down any other mirrors that are currently in place. This part of the process is quite tedious as well because if it is done wrong then damage to the property can occur.

If the homeowner only wants the glass replaced, and not the entire window, the sashes, trim, and other window pieces must all be taken apart and saved.


To install glass in windows, the process of removing the old glass is reversed, and each piece is painstakingly put back together starting with the window jambs and ending with the window header. Caulking is added to several parts of the window during this stage to ensure that it is airtight. After it is put back together, the glass installer will check to see that the window is square, so it will open and close properly.

If it isn't, then shims are added to adjust it. The window sashes are also checked to make sure that the window slides up and down easily. Mirror installation is simpler than window installation, but it still requires precision.

Special mirror mounting hardware must be used to hold the mirror in place. Starting with the bottom, two or three mirror mounts are installed, and then the top ones are added.

Common Questions About Window Installation

Will the technician entering my home be an Arrow employee or a contractor?

Rest assured, Arrow does not employ contractors. Our employees must pass a thorough background check before starting with our company.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

There is a 10 year manufacturer warranty on the product  for insulated glass units and one year warranty on the installation labor.

Can You Fix A Fogged Window Without Replacing the Glass?

You cannot properly fix an insulated window without replacing the glass and seal. We will leave your window frame intact, remove the faulty glass, and replace it with a newly sealed insulated glass unit.

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