Bathroom Design Trends in 2015

Designer Kelly Deck takes a look at five 2015 bathroom design trends.

Decorators today are putting a fresh twist on traditional bathroom elements and also introducing bold new looks. Understanding design trends can help you keep your home up-to-date for your own enjoyment or increase its re-sale appeal if a move is in your future. In fact, knowing how to combine your personal tastes and design insights with popular trends can be vital to interior décor success.

Let’s take a look at the five bathroom design trends Kelly highlights.

A New Twist on the Freestanding Tub

There’s actually nothing new about the popularity of the freestanding bathtub. Frequently paired with a glass shower enclosure, the stand-alone tub doubles as a useful fixture and a décor element in a master bathroom.

What makes the stand-alone tubs of 2015 different from their predecessors? Kelly notes that, instead of acrylic, composite materials are being used to create these tubs. The result is a flat, rather than shiny, finish that harmonizes well with modern décor.

Changing the Shape of Vanity Mirrors

The next trend Kelly discusses is the movement toward circular or hexagonal vanity mirrors. Instead of sticking with a traditional rectangular or oval mirror, some homeowners today are opting for the heightened visual impact offered by a hexagonal or circular mirror.

If you’d like to bring this trend into your bathroom, know that Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. specializes in custom mirrors. We can offer you a circular, hexagonal, or other shape mirror that is perfectly suited to your wall and vanity. Furthermore, we’ll have your new mirror professionally installed for a great finished look.

White Out

An interesting bathroom design trend this year is white faucets. That’s right – an increasing number of homeowners are choosing white, rather than metallic, faucets for a look that’s suitable for “creating a light and airy space.”

As a side-note, one typically chooses shower door hardware that matches other bathroom hardware. If you have a white faucet, this coordination is still an option. Among the specialty finishes for shower doors offered by Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a simple white finish. 

Including Marble Patterns

Another trend involves using large marble patterns in bathroom settings. Popular choices include –

  • Hexagon patterns
  • Chevron patterns

Kelly recommends pairing these patterns with pale solids to avoid busyness.

Gold-Plated Hardware Adds Glam

At the same time that some decorators are selecting white faucets, the popularity of gold-plated hardware is also on the rise. This should be used tastefully and selectively, Kelly points out, to avoid an overdose of opulence.

Keep in mind that this is another trend that can be worked into your custom shower door design. Along with the simple white hardware finish, Arrow also offers gold-plated shower hardware for the customer who wishes to combine high-end glamor with the relaxing atmosphere created by a glass shower enclosure.

For more info on the glass and mirror items mentioned here or other glass needed for your home or commercial building, call Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 512-339-4888 today!

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