Bathroom Trends to Watch in 2017

Long gone are the days of horrid avocado-colored sinks, tangerine accents, and prolific flowers dotting every available wall, fixture, and towel set. Today’s bathroom trends are a study in welcome relaxation and classic style. Here are some trends that are sure to dominate the bathroom scene in 2017.

It’s Black and White (and Sometimes Gray)

There’s little doubt that the black-and-white color scheme will keep its place among the bathroom trend elite. Recent years have seen the emergence of crisp grayscale color schemes. That’s expected to not only continue, but also to gain popularity with the addition of a wider palette, from lightest dove to nearly-black charcoal.

Nature’s in Big Demand

You can expect to see lush botanical greens take the stage at the top of the bathroom trends list this year. Relaxing and tranquil, sage, olive green, and mossy hues are expected to make a big splash in 2017. Don’t expect much in the way of beach themes with various blues. You’re more likely to see color schemes that feature forest hues; not only greens, but earth tones and fall colors, too.

There’s also a trend toward using wood in the bathroom. To avoid issues specific to using wood in a traditionally damp area, some homeowners are turning to tile that looks like wood. It provides the warm aesthetic of wood with the durability of ceramic or porcelain tiles and can be used in a variety of ways to give the space a more natural feel.

Versatile Tile Trends

Over the last few years, bathroom trends have been including more and more tile, particularly subway tile. It’s fairly inexpensive, has endless versatility, and can be arranged in unique, personalized patterns. While the zeal for subway tile may dim slightly this year, large-format tile could be stepping up to take its place. Already a recognizable trend in Europe, large-format tile could see its popularity soar this year; it offers easier cleaning (fewer grout lines to scrub) and can help smaller bathrooms look larger than they are when used as flooring.

Messages in Mixed Metal

Last year saw resurgence in the popularity of brass and bronze among homeowners. Shiny metal fixtures could be found in all types of bathrooms, from new construction to remodels to simple fixture replacements. Metal won’t lose its allure this year, but you’ll probably see a big variety of different finishes besides the glossy ones that have heretofore dominated the market. The most modern of bathroom trends will likely include matte and satin finishes on slightly exotic options like black steel. Expect to see a mixture of metals and finishes; such personalization is quickly gaining traction among homeowners.

Personal Style Reigns Supreme

2017 will be the year of personalized bathroom trends. From materials that provide greater warmth and relaxation to fixtures in a wider variety of finishes, homeowners are just beginning to harness their ability to make their bathroom a welcoming retreat, rather than a utilitarian room.

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