Build a Budget Friendly Home Gym

All of a sudden, it hits you one day almost completely out of the blue: you have got to start working out (again). The years and decades have taken their toll; all the changes that have come with a busier social life and advancements in work have added the pounds – and in the worst places. Of course, your appetite has also changed for the worst. Gone are the chicken salads and post-workout smoothies of years past; now, for some reason, you can’t help but snack on milk chocolate or Doritos.

How to change all this? For many people in your shoes, the idea of a home gym is quite attractive. This rings especially true in the post-holiday weeks after Christmas and the New Year, when gym equipment is at its cheapest. Before you start, however, it’s important to heed the advice of the experts: start small and buy on a budget, in order to avoid getting treadmills and elliptical that you end up ignoring.

Start a Home Gym in a Separate Room

Speaking of buying on a budget, make sure to have a separate space – it doesn’t have to be an entire room – where you can work out without interruptions from kids, roommates or spouse (more or less). Your space must function as a sort of refuge; one in which you have enough room to place down a sizable yoga mat and then some. Generally, at least a 10 x 10 foot space should be what you’re aiming for. Since, home gyms can be small spaces install a mirror to make the space feel bigger and so you can make sure you are doing your exersizes correct. 

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Articulate Your Fitness Goals

Are you trying to pack on muscle? Or are you aiming for a sleeker physique and lots of cardio? How about muscle tone, strength increases or several of the above? Fitness experts say that even if all you want to do is lose weight, then you need to do more than cardio because your body will adjust to the treadmill soon enough. This means that, even if you’re female, you need to add some form of resistance training. You will NOT gain bulky muscle! You have to eat a lot like the guys, and train very heavy several times a week to do pack on muscle; resistance and cardio will help you lose weight and firm up the pounds you do have. You’ll be lighter, stronger, and more toned.

What Equipment Do you Need?

No matter what your goals are, you’ll need a set of dumbbells. Because you’re on a budget and space is limited, consider getting some adjustable dumbbells to help you hit every muscle in your upper body with different exercises. Next, get a stability ball because of the amazing benefits it has for increasing your flexibility. You’ll see massive improvements in the strength of your core, as well. You’ll be able to work out your legs with home squats, abs with crunches, hamstring curls and more. In sum, plan ahead when buying a home gym setup on a budget; decide your goals, and acquire the instruments that get you there.

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