Choosing the Best Interior Door For Your Home

It’s all about the little touches that come together in your home to create a beautiful space. Doors can often go unnoticed, but they can either take away or enhance the effect of a room.

To find the right door for your space keep these elements in mind: style, materials, the need for soundproofing, and swinging or sliding doors.

Style Congruency

Your door style should reflect the theme of your home. Of course there won’t be only be one perfect door, so put on your interior design hat and don’t be shy to mix and match doors. Keep the environment of the room in mind, for example, a grandiose door would work well in a large entertainment room but it could look out of place leading to a laundry room.

On A Practical Note, How Do You Want Your Door To Swing?

It’s common practice that a door should never open to a corridor or hall. The side the handle is on determines which is of the frame your hinges will be and ultimately how your door will open and close.

Framing Guidelines

Sometimes you can get a door that is pre-hung and in a frame with its hinges already attached to the door jam. Or you can get a slab door, simply the door itself. It’s important to note that framing can compliment or take away from your new door so make sure your framing matches your new interior door. 

Quick Tip: Installing a door yourself can seem appealing, but shortcuts can lead to more money in the long run if it damages your door.


All doors are given a rating that conveys the sound transmission class (STC). On the STC scale the volume of normal speech can be heard at a rating of 25 and 60 is usually soundproof. The STC range is largely affected by the material of the door.

Door Types

Sliding Doors

The most popular sliding doors are glass but they can also be wood or lined with mirrors. Their expansiveness is all attributed to the fact that they take up little space as they don’t swing open.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are similar to sliding doors except that they slide into the wall. They are a great space saving option.

Folding Doors

Folding doors can be found in small spaces like a laundry room or closet and often in a bi-fold form.

Barn Doors 

If you are looking for a rustic or modern look, barn doors could be it. They have always been used for barns, but recently have become popular in the interior of homes.

Panel Doors 

These are the standard doors that are found in most homes. They are usually made out off wood or MDF.

French Doors

These doors have a frame with glass or a foggy translucent material in each panel. They are usually installed to increase natural light in a room.

Dutch Doors

They are divided into a top and bottom section and the bottom part usually doesn’t open often.

Material For Your Door


 The most common woods used for doors is cherry, mahogany, alder, maple, and pine. Keep in mind that solid wood should not be installed in a humid room because it will shrink and expand.



Medium density fiberboard is on the most common materials for doors today. It’s chosen because it’s stable, doesn’t warp, smooth, and easy to paint.

Metal & Glass 

Glass doors are growing in popularity in interior and exterior doors. They create a sleek, modern look. They are also cheaper than solid wood doors.

Hollow Core 

These doors are less expensive because of their hollow core and they are made from plywood or molded composite skin. With that also means temperatures and sound go through the door easily.

Solid Core

They are made from the same materials as a hollow core, but they also have a wood fiber blend in the middle of them. This helps block temperature and sound from moving through the door.

The most popular sliding doors are glass but they can also be wood or lined with mirrors. Their expansiveness is all attributed to the fact that they take up little space as they don’t swing open.

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