Complete Guide to Making Your Home Feel Bigger

Sometimes square footage is a luxury that we simply can’t have, but don’t give up there’s still hope. There are some tricks to making a small space bigger. It can be discouraging, but before you get frustrated and demo a wall consider the following tips in order to gain back some visual square footage.


Adding windows to your space or glass doors will open up your space when a wall does not block your eye. They will invite natural light into your room and thus brightening it.


If you have a small space and are a renter or are on a budget then mirrors are especially vital. You can’t simply put in a window without your landlords permission, so go for the next best thing- mirrors. They are very effective for enlarging a space and let’s be honest it always helps to have multiple ways to check your outfit before you leave.

Here’s the best placement for mirrors to maximize your space:

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Large free-standing mirror up against a wall
  • Tile mirrors fitted into the alcoves of your fireplace
  • Closet full-length mirrors
  • Antique mirror above your bed
  • Hallway long mirror
  • Mirror strips if a large mirror is too reflective or baffling the eye
  • Use two mirrors on adjoining walls creating multiple reflections

Take It Down A Notch

Your wall color can affect the way you perceive a room. Stick to light colors like white variations, beige, or light greys. This is an easy budget friendly step to create an open environment. Some other options that work are cooler shades like blues and greens.

Get Rid of Excess

It’s completely understandable that your home is meant for sentimental items, but every single sentimental item probably doesn’t need to be displayed. Less is often more. Tuck away items so that you have a clean open look.

Go Bigger?

You may not expect it, but adding large items may actually enlarge a room. Large artwork and strong prints that are strategically placed will make a big statement. Long floor length curtains will also make a room feel taller.

Don’t settle with a boxed in room, begin adding these home décor tips to transform your space.

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