Harmonize Your Home With Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Your Home

Using the right feng shui colors can do wonders for harmonizing your home. Color has a unique and subtle influence on our health and well being. Using the proper colors in our home facilitates movement of the energies and creates balance.

Which do you find best for your living room or home office? Calming blues or bold reds? Should you use yellow for your kitchen? Does green create good feng shui for your bedroom?

Let’s explore the energy of color. We’ll create a vibrant, happy and beautiful home for you.

Red - Fire Element - Romance, Passion, Courage

Red represents the strongest fire element. It can bring in excitement and joy, or invigorate sexual desire. It’s the Chinese luck and happiness color, India’s marriage color, and symbolizes romance, love, passion and courage in the West.

Yellow - Fire or Earth Element - Nourishing, Sunny, Happy

The sunlight color cheers and uplifts any home or office. Yellow creates welcoming feng shui energy for your living room, kitchen or child’s room. There are soft, buttery pale tones to bold, hot sunflower tones to create a range of moods.

Blue - Water Element - Tranquility, Peace, Calm

There are an endless variety of blues to choose from soft aqua ocean, to clear sky, to ocean or indigo blue. In the feng shui bagua areas of your home, it works best in the East for Health, North for Career and Southeast for Money.

Green - Wood Element - Health, Vibrancy, Growth

The color of regeneration, renewal and fresh energy is green. It nourishes your health while balancing your body by bringing in healing nature vibrations. When you work with green, be sure to use several shades to maximize its energetic effects.

Orange - Fire Element - Open, Social, Optimistic

If red is too intense for you, use orange for your home or office. It’s often called the social color because its feng shui energy stimulates good times and conversation. Orange recalls our summertime dreams and gathering around the glow of warm log fires.

White - Metal Element - Freshness, Innocence, New Beginnings

White absorbs or contains all other colors. It’s the color of innocence and purity, making us feel clean and serene. A pure white space may be a perfect color for one or all of the rooms in your home.

If your house gets the light of the sun in the morning or afternoon then consider adding or enlarging the windows in the rooms that receive sunlight. The energy from a sunrise will get your ready for a new day and sunsets create a calming, romantic environment to wind the day down. If you need professional assistance with your energy-inviting windows contact our experts at Arrow Glass & Mirror.

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Yvon MÉnard wrote:
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Thank you for your very interesting article that brings an interesting look at Feng Shui on the website

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