Health Benefits of Steam Showers

From a more holistic approach to congestion, pain relief and weight loss to releasing toxins and speeding up recovery time after a hard workout, more people are turning to steam showers to improve their overall health. Couple that with the fact that adding a steam shower will increase your home’s overall value, and you have yourself a strong return on investment! 

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Before we dive into the specific health benefits, let’s first clarify the difference between a steam shower and a sauna.

The Good Ol’ Sauna

Over the last few decades, you’ve probably seen your fair share of movies that include clips of people sitting on benches, attempting to relax in a sauna. I say attempting because temperatures can reach over 200 degrees. For some people, even though it's typically a "dry heat", the high temperatures might be a bit more than they can handle. For them, maybe for you too, the lower temperatures and higher humidity level offered by a steam shower might be preferred.

How can a steam shower benefit your health? 

  • Improve Circulation: The hot steam causes your blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow and improving circulation throughout your body. This alleviates arthritis, fatigue, and soreness. It can also decrease blood pressure.
  • Healthier, softer skin: If you’re looking to open your pores without chemicals, one of the best natural ways to do so is through a hot, steam shower. As you perspire in the shower, it clears your pores, reducing blemishes. When you steam prior to shaving, you can also reduce razor burn since the warmth and moisture soften the hair follicles. woman relaxing in steam shower
  • Reduce Stress Levels and Improve Sleep: Relaxing in a steam shower will not only help your muscles relax, but it also helps calm your mind. The quality of your sleep has been shown to improve with the use of steam therapy as well.
  • Remove Toxins: After working out, a steam shower will help to remove metabolic waste that builds up in muscles, causing muscle soreness.
  • Improve Respiratory Health: Steam therapy has been found to loosen mucus in nasal passages and airways, providing relief for those suffering from congestion. A steam shower can help relieve theeffects of asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and colds.

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