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Neutral decorating ideas are important because even the most colorful home usually includes one or more neutral tones. However, neutrals themselves can define a room, so it’s important to pick the right ones. From black to white to brown and everything in between, neutral colors can be used to create a variety of effects.


Extremely popular today, gray is being used in a number of ways by home decorators across America. On its own, gray creates a cool, sophisticated ambience that is hard to duplicate.

If you’re going for a modern, stylish look, the color gray could be your best friend! However, gray can also be paired with other colors for results that are fun, cheerful, or warm.

  • A gray room with pops of red, bright blue, or orange takes on a cheery aura.
  • Pairing gray with a pastel is a wonderful way to make a child’s room both fun and restful.
  • When combined with a warm neutral such as chocolate, gray can add elegance to a cozy living space.


No doubt about it – black is a color of sophistication, drama, and mystery. Bold home decorators might choose black walls, but many prefer to use this powerful color as an accent. Consider the dramatic effect that can be generated by pairing black elements with glass fixtures.

  • Black china cabinet with frosted glass shelves.
  • Black frame around your vanity mirror.
  • Black tinted glass vases on your dining table.
  • Black metal table legs with a glass table top.
  • Black hardware on your clear glass shower door.

You may wish to add black to a space bit by bit – one piece of furniture, one accessory, one rug, or one wall at a time. Black has such strong visual impact that you do not want to overwhelm the room or give it a gloomy or forbidding quality.

Going slowly allows you to evaluate the impact of black on the space and stop adding more before it becomes overwhelming.


While it is often relegated to the role of a backdrop, white has lots of potential in home décor. It can be very elegant – think “white tie” – and can also be used to create a fresh, airy atmosphere.

Furthermore, white carries with it the connotation of cleanliness that makes it a popular shade in bathroom design. It can be used with similar effect in a kitchen setting. Against a white background, there’s no doubt that colors pop and add interest to the room, so consider a white gallery wall, a white sofa with colorful decorative pillows, or a frosted glass table top with bright placemats.

Alternatively, white itself can be an accent in the form of trim, doors, frosted glass globes on light fixtures, and so on.


Perhaps not as popular as it once was, beige should not be overlooked as a neutral that can be utilized well in home décor. Like white, it matches anything, but it is a warmer color. However, it is very versatile and will take on different moods depending on the shade with which it is paired.

In fact, black can be added to a beige room to update it and add a suggestion of upscale glamour. Incorporating beige into a guest bedroom can help you create a space that is cozy, but neutral enough to appeal to a wide variety of people.


Frequently seen in today’s homes, chocolate brown brings warmth and richness to a room. Consider dark brown for flooring, sofas, or even curtains. This earthy tone can be joined with white accents for a more elegant look or paired with other neutrals to create a space that is very calm and relaxing. This warm color also pairs nicely with glass shower doors, yielding the perfect blend of sleek lines visual richness.

Like neutral colors, glass and mirror are elements that go with anything and can enhance any room in your house. For more information on beautifying your home with glass and mirror, call Arrow Glass at 512-339-4888!

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