Shower Doors Impact Bathroom Decor

How Glass Shower Doors Can Inspire Your Bathroom Decor

Although people typically begin their bathroom remodels with tile or vanity replacements, they should start with the glass shower door. If you’re using clear glass, or a framed shower door, the rest of the bathroom will need to match that style. Below are some design tips on how each glass shower door can inspire the décor for the entire bathroom.

  1. Framed Shower Doors

    If you’re going for a framed shower door, you need to consider what it will look like. What color and material do you want? How integral will the frames be to the shower design? For example, framed French shower doors are very popular and a key element in the design. Make sure the frames on your glass shower door match the rest of your fixtures.

  2. Frosted Shower Doors

    If privacy is important to you and you’ve chosen a frosted glass shower door, you may want to consider getting a skylight or window to open up the space. Design elements such as these will help make your bathroom look open and airy while giving you the privacy that you desire.

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  3. Frameless Shower Doors

    If you’re going for a frameless shower door, with clear glass, you need to consider the tilework. You’ll have clear visibility to the entire bathroom, so the tile should work well with the walls, flooring, fixtures, etc. Frameless shower doors tend to have a more modern feel to them as well. Keep this in mind when you choose other design pieces in the bathroom, like the vanity and light fixtures.

  4. Semi Frameless Shower Doors

    Semi frameless shower doors help keep the bathroom open and airy, while also acting as a design element. You can coordinate the frames with the rest of your bathroom, while achieving the openness of a frameless shower door.

  5. Walk-in Showers

    If you’re going with a walk-in shower or partial enclosure, the rest of the bathroom should be just as minimalistic. These showers tend to have a cleaner, more natural look, which should be evident in your other design elements.

Frameless Shower Doors

Glass Shower Door Space Savers

  1. Neo-Angle Showers

    A neo-angle shower will look modern and save space. However, if you don’t already have a corner shower, you will need to involve a plumber to move your shower into this configuration.

  2. Swing Shower Doors

    With narrow showers, these doors are your best bet. They can look sleek and modern, while saving space.

  3. Sliding Glass Doors

    If you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t have a lot of space to open a shower door, sliding glass doors are a great option.

Ultimately, glass shower doors are a major design element in your bathroom. Start your renovation by working from the inside out, beginning with your shower.

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