How to Buy The Best Shower Fixtures

Whether you’re looking for top of the line luxury solutions or "get the most for your money" budget buys, we have all the information you could possibly need when it comes to selecting a new shower.

A great shower can solve any problem – no matter how great or small. A good blast of water has the ability to stimulate and soothe our senses, jolting us awake in the mornings and helping us to wind down at night. It’s tough to get going when you don’t feel fresh and squeaky clean, and similarly tricky to feel as though you're fully relaxed. Showers bookends our days and are always there to wash away our problems. With the right fixture in your property, there’s no new day you can’t conquer and no crisis you can’t overcome. That’s why it’s always worth taking the time to look for the perfect shower - and here's how to do it. 

Where Do I Start?

Appearance, naturally, is important when you're buying a shower, but in order to find a fixture that will truly enhance your home and lifestyle, it’s best to take a step back and examine the four essential factors. These include:

  • Budget - Think long and carefully about the type of fixture you can realistically afford. A particularly cost-efficient solution is to invest in WaterSense products. Any items carrying the WaterSense label have been designed to help conserve water and offer lower energy costs for users, all-the-while continuing to offer comfortable pressure levels. 
  • Size – Always take measurements of the dimensions of your bathroom so you can find a fixture that fits comfortably inside. 
  • Design – Pick out the type of fixture that suits your tastes and complements your surrounding bathroom décor. You can find all kinds of finishes across the market, including chrome, nickel, brass, or oil-rubbed, and some of these can be brushed, matted or polished for added style. Be aware that every single design requires frequent attention and cleaning to retain its handsome condition.
  • Spray Style – Consider the style in which you prefer the water to spray from the showerhead. See our showerheads section below for further information.

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What Should I Know About?

Buying a brand new shower is a big decision, and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the mechanics and parts before you begin. By learning a little bit about shower valves, showerheads, and shower tech, you can guide yourself towards the kinds of models that are right for you and your property.

Shower Valves

You probably don't know too much about valves, but these little mechanisms play a huge role in controlling both water pressure and temperature levels in showers. By understanding a bit about the different types of valves available on the market, you’ll gather the knowledge required to make the shower buying process much, much easier. The main types of valve designs you ought to be aware of include:

Mixer Valve

The mixer valve kicks into action whenever you turn the temperature controls on your shower. This mechanism does what it says on the tin: mixing cold and hot water according to the instructions of the temperature gauge.

Pressure Balancer

This type of valve prevents temperature changes whilst your shower is switched on. This means you’ll never be forced to jump after being exposed to abrupt bursts of piping hot/freezing cold water (caused by other appliances, like toilets flushing) whilst you’re washing away. By keeping the water levels at a constant temperature, a pressure balancer valve actively improves comfort levels in showers.

You can also get your hands a more advanced version of the pressure balancer valve which is known as the Thermostatic valve. These mechanisms maintain both temperature and pressure levels, although are likely to cost double the price of a conventional pressure balancer valve. 


If you want to tailor the specific way that water tumbles around your shower, it’s worth looking up the kinds of showerheads available for your bathroom. Typically, showerheads fall into five separate categories, with each offering a different pattern and intensity level when it comes to water spray.

Single Shower Head

Cheap, cheerful and supremely simple, single showerheads are made up of several nozzles (usually four) that spray water in a single concentrated direction.      


Another popular and simple solution, rain showerheads sit high and spray down, with the head itself comprising of several nozzles.


Dual/Multiple showerheads usually come as a fixed pair (strapped to the wall) with a handheld showerhead on the side.


Handheld showerheads are ideal for those with limited mobility, with users able to grasp the handle and freely move the showerhead all over their body.

Body Spray Head

Body sprays have multiple spray heads integrated into the shower wall – offering alternative pressure levels and spray styles.


Innovative Shower Tech

If you consider yourself somewhat tech-savvy, it’s worth considering a “super shower” that arrives with specialized features designed to maximize comfort and convenience. Bear in mind these additions are more suited to bigger budgets, but if you have the financial wiggle-room and desire something a little more upmarket for your bathroom, investing in a tech-friendly shower is a great move.

Several modern-day shower models are available with built-in digital controls. These dashboards allow you to completely transform your sensory experience by adjusting the light levels, water temperatures, water power and water pattern style. Some systems even generate music, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds whilst you wash.

You can also add products called "steam units" to your shower, which serve to actively reduce the levels of condensation and moisture produced inside the bathroom. Less steam means less regular cleaning will be required, ensuring for reduced mildew and mold accumulation over time. 

Take your time when it comes to selecting a new shower for your bathroom. This is the kind of decision that should never be rushed. Patiently acquiring bits and pieces of information about the way in which showers work will pay dividends, and ultimately help you to make an informed, beneficial purchase. 

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