How to Decorate With Plants

Do you want you home to be inviting, calming, and life-giving? Then add some plants. Bringing nature into your home changes its environment for the better and brings an extra decorative element.

Priyanka Padode, décor expert and owner of DezignGenie comments, “In out ever-increasing jungle, it’s becoming harder to bridge the gap between manmade and natural. In such situations, we must try to add those elements of nature in every small way we can. It provides much needed greenery, and takes us back to our roots (literally).”

Let’s find the best plant to add to your home.

Snake plant

This plant works well in rooms with high ceilings because it has tall leaves. Find a modern metal or mud pot to add some variety to your room. Create more of an rustic look by adding stones to the top of the soil. This plant would work well in a large master bathroom to add a life giving plant while still giving you enough space.

Green Tip: You want to give this plant moderate to bright light with moderate water and try not to repot the plant if you don’t need to.

Golden Pothos

This is a bright plant that will cascade over your pot. This boisterous vine it best showcased on a shelf or when hung up.

Green Tip: Keep the vines untangled and give moderate to bright light with moderate water.

Spider Plant

This is not the same as the Snake Plant as it appears shorter and fuller. You will need a midsized pot and place it in a midsized room.

Green Tip: This plant will need bright light and a lot of water. This plant will produce baby spider plants that you can even gift to your friends!

Dwarf Banana

This plant brings the tropics into your home. Its tall leaves provide a sleek look so place it in a modern pot. We suggest you put it in a spot that gets the most sun in your home.

Green tip: This plant needs high sun exposure, moist soil, and to be fertilized often. Every so often turn the plant to increase it life span.


Peace Lily

Hence the name, this flower will bring a feeling of zen into your home. It’s elegance and petite nature should be placed somewhere it can be showcased like a decorative console in your living room.

Green Tip: The peace lily does not like over exposure to the sun, but it does like evenly moist soil.


Aloe Vera

This plant has cleans the air and can also save your sunburnt skin. This is a unique look with its clean lines. Make sure to keep it in a place were your family or friends can’t get poked.

Green Tip: Aloe thrives in the sunshine and prefers a wide pot.

Adding a couple plants to your home can add some much need decorative and Feng Shui elements to your home.

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