How To Design the Perfect Shower Enclosure

Design Your Perfect Shower Enclosure

 If you’ve been reading our posts, by now you’re well aware of the benefits of having a glass shower enclosure in your bathroom. Lets take it one step further. Say you’ve decided that you want one of your own, but need help choosing the right enclosure dimensions to be both practical and visually stunning. Well, we’re here to help.

When choosing the design and dimensions of your new shower, you’ll need to consider its location. If the enclosure is a corner shower, then you have the option of either right angle, or neo-angle designs. A right angle corner shower is fairly straight forward, and is achieved by creating a square or rectangle with two glass sides fitted into a corner. The neo-angle corner shower is a bit trickier and involves 3 panes of glass instead of two. By installing two fixed glass panes at 90 degrees, and adding a swinging door panel that meets both at 35 degrees, the neo-angle shower enclosure enhances the bathroom with modern geometric design.

To find out which design is best for your bathroom, try using a bit of painters tape on your bathroom floor. Outline both designs and visualize how each impacts the layout of the room. Both have benefits, but if your room feels a bit cramped with a traditional right angle enclosure, a neo-angle corner shower might be your best bet.

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If your design plans don’t include a corner, or you are feeling a bit more creative, there are other ways to design your perfect glass shower enclosure. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Renovate existing showers with a glass panel and door for an easy makeover
  • Go for 360 degrees of glass in a custom, free-standing glass shower enclosure
  • Don’t be constrained by the rules, and design a custom shape enclosure

One last consideration when designing the perfect dimensions for your shower-enclosure is scale. It might look a bit silly, and not to mention get in the way, if your shower stall impeded on floor space and overwhelmed the other elements of your bathroom. On the other hand, in an enormous master bathroom, a tiny shower enclosure might get lost and look out of place. In other words, your shower should be proportionate to the size of the room.

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