How To Go Green & Clean Glass In 5 Minutes

Glass is a choice material in many contemporary homes because it adds a sleek element to your home, and most importantly, they’re easy to clean. Here’s a guide to help you clean with green all natural products to maintain your interior and exterior glass surfaces.

Exterior Glass Surfaces

Exterior windows, glass tabletops, and glass railing is subject to the elements outside so naturally it’s going to get dirtier and require a little more maintenance. One tip to remember is to never combine vinegar with soap. Vinegar is an acid and soap is a base, so they will deactivate each other. Make sure you don’t start cleaning when the sun is directly on the window, otherwise your cleaning solution will dry up immediately.

Also consider taking off window screens in the winter so that you can clean the window easier. Taking of the screen will also lessen your heating bill as it will allow light and more warmth through your windows.

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What you need to clean exterior windows:

  • All-purpose cleaner (ie. Sal Suds) or castile soap
  • 1 squirt bottles for your solution
  • Club soda or a bottle of vinegar and water (equal measurements)
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • 1 high quality squeegee

You start will the soap or all-purpose cleaner to remove dirt with the microfiber clothe. Then the club soda or diluted vinegar to get rid of streaks paired with the squeegee.

Interior Glass Surfaces

Interior glass doesn’t get as dirty as outdoor glass, so you can skip the first step on exterior cleaning with soap or an all-purpose cleaner. You should keep the first step if you have grease on your surfaces like mirror that have fingerprints on them or glass tabletops.

Keep your glass looking as fresh as the day you got it by implementing this cleaning routine. It literally will only take 5 minutes of your time to have a transparent, sleek look.

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