How to Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen with Glass Shelves

The kitchen is one of those areas of your home that gets a lot of attention. It’s where you cook and prepare your food, but often it serves as a place where family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. It’s natural, after all, to want to help with the cooking, but also be closer to the food (and drink)! Because your kitchen is such a focal point of your home however, it deserves the best décor and design to maximize its functionality. The right furniture and fixtures can make this space practical, but when entertaining guests the look and feel are just as important.

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Glass Shelving – The Perfect Touch

Incorporating multi-functional objects that are both stylish and chic at the same time is a great way to maximize your kitchen’s full potential. One of the most popular kitchen renovation items is glass shelving.

Not only do glass shelves serve as vital storage for your kitchen essentials, but they also improve the overall look and feel of the space.

Elegant and Tasteful

Glass is one of those materials that is timeless and inherently tasteful, mostly because it can be applied to a variety of designs and décor. Certain rooms however, such as the bathroom and kitchen, really bring out the stunning qualities of glass. When considering glass shelves for your kitchen, there are a few options to consider:

  • Rectangular glass shelves look highly refined and come in various sizes and thicknesses to suit your particular need (the most common choice).
  • Quarter Circle Floating Glass Shelves can be utilized in the corners of your kitchen walls, and are a discreet yet elegant storage option
  • Triangle shelves also fit perfectly into the corners of your kitchen, and flawlessly complement the most angular of designs.

These simple shelving options can instantly beautify your kitchen and add much desired elegance all at once. Unlike other kitchen décor, they are quite affordable, yet have an enormous impact on the overall feel of your kitchen!

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Practical Design, Chic Finish

There are a number of practical uses for your glass shelves as well. You can use them to place your kitchen items such as cutlery, spices and other essential jars. Additionally, they can be used to display decorative vases, picture frames, and other ornamental items. Because glass shelves have a chic simplicity, they don’t detract from the other decorative pieces in your kitchen (in many cases they enhance them).

Complete the Look

Now that you are an expert in the benefits of glass shelves in the kitchen, why not take it a step further? You can easily compliment the look of glass shelving by installing a matching glass backsplash! By incorporating a backsplash in in your kitchen, your custom designed glass shelves will look even more stunning and the space with have a neutrally flawless flow

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