How to Make Your Bathroom Shine With Glass Fixtures

Make Your Bathroom Shine With Glass Fixtures

Highlighting glass in your bathroom can give your space a chic feel in a spa-like setting. Additionally, clear glass has the ability to make the room appear bigger and more spacious. With that in mind, here are all the ways you can make your bathroom shine with the right glass fixture.

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The Shower Door or Enclosure

Substituting a tub and shower curtain with a shower stall made of clear, tempered glass will convert both the bathroom and the shower interior. The room will become more bright and airy, and the glass itself will add elegance to the restroom.

Custom shower enclosures are made to correspond to the space you have available, allowing for customized:

  • Door types
  • Glass styles
  • Hardware styles
  • Hardware finishes

An Attractive Vanity Mirror

Don’t be content with that old medicine cabinet or ill-fitting mirror above your bathroom sink. When you start to explore custom vanity mirrors, you find that this utilitarian fixture can double as a charming wall hanging.

Some creative options for a visually stunning vanity mirror include:

  • Framed mirror
  • Mirror installed with spacers that cause it to stand off from the wall
  • Mirror with a beveled edge
  • Unique mirror shape
  • Mirror custom cut to fit correctly in an irregular space 

Private Commode

While they may not be practical in every bathroom, many designers and homeowners are choosing to separate the commode from the rest of the room. When you can't give the "lue" its own little room, a screen might be your next best option. A half-wall made of privacy glass keeps the commode from eyesight, maintaining the room’s chic visual appeal.

Options for privacy glass include glass that is completely frosted, glass with a frosted design, and tons of choices in textured patterned glass. This wide variety of choices enables you to create a custom glass partition that blends seamlessly into your bathroom décor.

Glass Backsplash

Another innovative use of glass in modern bathrooms is the glass backsplash. These can often be seamless, which gives them an edge over tiled backsplashes that require you to seal and clean grout. Backsplashes fashioned from back painted glass are available in any color you want, so they can be subtle and neutral or bold bursts of color.


Finally, don’t overlook the importance of bathroom windows. They are a great source of natural light and help keep the room’s atmosphere fresh and pleasant. Fogged or cracked window glass detracts from their appeal, though, and can even discourage you from opening your curtains. If the fear of having to replace the whole window has kept you from addressing concerns like this, you should look into replacement glass. Many cases of marred window glass can be solved by a glass expert who will remove just the problematic pane and replace it with the appropriate piece of glass.

All of the bathroom upgrades discussed here are available to you from Arrow Glass and Mirror. Our skilled team is knowledgeable in the field of glass and offers professional installation of quality items. Call today to learn more and to schedule a complimentary consultation (512) 339-4888.

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