How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

How to make your guests feel at home

Making friends and family feel at home is a key ingredient for a wonderful holiday visit, and one aspect of this is preparing your guest quarters. Guest bedrooms as well as guest bathrooms should be the recipients of thoughtful care and cleaning just before your visitors arrive.

  • Think about what you have liked and not liked on your own visits to hotels or other people’s homes and let these insights guide your preparations.
  • “Don’t make guests ask for things,” is a great rule to live by as well. This includes setting out towels and washcloths as well as a cute basket filled with travel size toiletry items in case your loved ones forgot to bring any necessities.

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  • Nothing is worse than wondering what to do with one’s dirty laundry while visiting. No one wants to put it back in her or his suitcase, but no one wants to leave it lying on the floor of the host’s guest bathroom either. Set out a wicker laundry basket lined with a white trash bag. This way, if your guests do not do laundry at your house, they can simply tie up the trash bag and take it home with them without contaminating the clean clothes in their suitcases.
  • Make sure your guests have adequate mirror space. This relates to vanity mirrors in the guest bathrooms as well as full length wall mirrors in the bedrooms. These full length dressing mirrors are especially important if guests will be going a wedding or other function during their stay.
  • Make sure there are convenient surfaces on which your guests can stash their belongings. This might mean picking up a second hand night stand or having glass shelves installed on a bare wall.
  • Remember that nothing can take the place of cleanliness. The cutest room in the world will be uninviting if it is marred by dust, clutter, or crumbs on the floor. Give each guest room a good cleaning, and make sure the beds have fresh linens.

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  • Consider how the rooms smell. Infrequently used spaces sometimes get musty, so you may need to air the rooms out for a few days to have them ready for your company. If you are thinking about adding a scent to the room, be sure to consider the tastes, preferences, and (if applicable) allergies of your guests. While some love plug-in air fresheners and similar items, others are bothered by scents or only feel comfortable with natural aromas from a source such as potpourri or an essential oil diffuser. You may wish to leave the room unscented but keep some air freshening options handy so your guests can use them if desired.
  • Be thoughtful of your guests’ lighting preferences. The easiest and perhaps most effective way to do this is by adding dimmer switches so that your visiting loved ones can adjust the brightness of the light to their satisfaction.
  • Carry out any necessary repairs before your family or friends arrive. Do you need a new glass shower door? Is replacement glass required for a problematic window pane? Do the doors to the guest bedrooms and bathrooms open and close easily? Make sure everything in your guest quarters is safe and operable.
  • Provide privacy for your guests. Make sure there are blinds or curtains they can close as well as working door locks. You might also place a white noise machine, fan, or stereo in a guest room to allow visitors to converse without being overheard.

If your guest quarters need updates such as replacement windows, glass shower doors, glass shelves, glass table tops, or anything else glass and mirror, call Arrow at 512-339-4888 today!

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