How to Save 40% on Your Kitchen Remodel Bill

Is it possible to do a kitchen remodel and stay within a budget? After all, you’ll have to pay contractors, designers, and possibly vacate your house for months. If you follow these ideas, you could easily save at least 40 percent off your kitchen remodel bill.

Keep Your Footprint

Kitchens usually fall within several predetermined shapes - one-wall, galley, corridor, L-shape or U-shape. Designers usually don’t veer from these shapes because they work so well. The arrangement of services within that shape may be more important than the shape itself.

Avoid Moving Appliances

Moving gas, plumbing or electrical lines will cost time and money. This is part of the reason you should try to retain the kitchen footprint. You may be able to move appliances short distances as long as they’re close to their hookups.

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Keep Flooring Functional

Just like bathrooms, kitchen flooring needs to hold up well. It’s better to have something resilient, like ceramic tile, rather than an expensive hard wood that can’t repel water. A DIY install of vinyl tile is cheap and easy. Vinyl sheets are cheap but more difficult.

Make sure your flooring resists water, although it doesn’t have to be waterproof. Save demolition costs by installing laminate over existing flooring if possible.

Use Off-the-Rack Cabinetry

There’s no need for custom, built-in cabinets. There’s now a wide range of stock kitchen cabinets available from places like IKEA, Lowe’s and Home Depot. They come in standard sizes and are much cheaper than custom cabinets.  Most contractors and handymen can install them easily. Also consider cabinet refacing.

Choose Reasonable Countertops

Stainless steel, stone or concrete are expensive. Just like off-the-rack cabinetry, there’s now a wide range of laminate and ceramic tile countertops available.

Don’t Rewire

Rewiring to accommodate power-sucking appliances like trash compactors, double-ovens or super-sized ranges can use over 25 percent of your budget. Ask yourself if you really need them.

Avoid Permits

Anything that requires a permit is usually expensive. Changing electrical, plumbing or exterior walls involve permits. Unless you’re certified to perform these tasks, you’ll have to hire someone which could be expensive.

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