Keep The Shower Door Clean & Make Life Easier

“How to keep the shower door clean?” might be just the question you’re asking now that you’ve had a lovely glass enclosure installed. You love the new look in your bathroom but know that without proper care, the glass will not retain its clarity and luster.

So what is an effective way to preserve the appeal of your shower glass without inconvenience or excessive effort? A great strategy to implement involves four elements –

  • Prevention of problems.
  • Making shower door care quick and easy.
  • Being faithful to maintenance and cleaning routines.
  • Following manufacturer instructions on what cleaning products to utilize.

Preventing Problems for Your Shower Door Glass

What are the problems that can plague shower glass? Top offenders include soap scum, mineral deposits, and hard water spots. You can largely prevent these issues by removing water droplets from the glass after each shower. When you promptly remove the water there is not much time for deposits and stains to form or for corrosion to occur.

Furthermore, if you did not order ShowerGuard glass or other glass that already has a protective coating, you should consider adding glass protection. This could be a long-lasting brushed-on product such as ClearShield or a simple spray-on solution that you reapply frequently.


Making It Easy to Take Care of Your Glass Shower Door

The best shower door care regimen in the world won’t do your glass any good unless you follow through and carry it out faithfully. By thinking ahead you can facilitate shower door maintenance by making it convenient to actually do it. Ways to do this include –

  • Stashing a squeegee near the shower enclosure.
  • Keeping a basket of soft, absorbent towels on hand.
  • If you use a spray on glass protectant, setting a reminder in your mobile device so you re-apply it on time.
  • Making a bathroom cleaning checklist for yourself and other family members who help out.

Regularly Cleaning the Shower Door Glass

In spite of your best efforts, your shower door glass will need to be cleaned in order for it to stay shiny. Regular cleaning can prevent small issues from becoming big problems and can prevent corrosive elements from doing lasting damage to the surface of the glass.

To know how often to clean your shower glass, you should research the hardness of your tap water and seek care instructions from the company who installed your shower door. If you are using ShowerGuard glass or glass treated with ClearShield, their respective websites offer helpful cleaning guidelines.

Following Instructions for Proper Care of Shower Door Glass

A final key element in keeping a shower door clean and shiny is using the right cleaning products. On a basic level, you want to avoid harsh and abrasive cleaning agents as well as scratchy, abrasive scouring pads and the like. While such cleaning agents may remove soap scum and mineral deposits, they can also permanently damage the surface of your glass.

Once again, specific cleaning product recommendations are available for ShowerGuard glass and ClearShield coated glass. For standard glass, you can check the door manufacturer’s website or ask the company that installed it for cleaning tips.

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