Let’s Get Practical: Bathroom Remodel

A Practical Bathroom Remodel

Elegance is best achieved by keeping things simple and functional. Don't get caught up in all of your elaborate design ideas that you forget about the practicality of your plans. 

Stay Consistent

Marble, porcelain, stone, and tile are stylish, but when set next to certain kinds and colors of floors, walls, and fixtures, they can offset a room’s mood or ambiance. Find materials that compliment each other. Try to keep the overall theme of your house in mind. Consistency is key, but keep

Functioning with Efficiency

Have you optimized your bathroom to save the environment and your budget? Yes, both are possible. Consider double-flush Eco-friendly toilets.

Toilets consume the most water in your home using about 27% of your water. Most older homes don’t have a low-flow model. New homes may accommodate these eco-friendly measures, but if it requires you to flush it twice update to a modern low flow toilet.

Determine whether the type of light that an energy- saving bulb gives off is right for you. If you’re adverse to the conventional LED light bulbs try out warm LED lights that mimic old-fashion florescent lights.


What does the appearance of your hardware look like compared to frameless glass? Also consider attaching hardware for towel racks to the glass shower enclosure to save you space.

A quick way to make your bathroom look newer is by updating its hardware. It might seem pricey but it will change the opinion of homebuyers when it concerns your bathroom. Inexpensive Light switches and outlet covers are an easy and inexpensive upgrade that makes a difference aesthetically.


One of the most durable materials you can use in your bathroom is hardwoods and glass. There are sealants available for hardwoods so that their lifespan is longer in a wet environment like a bathroom. Both will add convenience to cleaning because they don’t have grout lines like tile does.

Quick tip: Consider cleaning your bathroom with eco-friendly products. It can be inexpensive and easy!

A bathroom remodel has a lot of artistic elements, but make sure you keep practical measures in mind. If you are getting started on a bathroom remodel then get the complete Bathroom Remodeling Checklist.

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