Make a Difference With Green Living

Looking for ways to embrace green living concepts? Choosing to make a difference can be as simple as making small lifestyle changes, many of which benefit you as you care for the environment.

Utilize Nature in Your Home 

We often overlook basic ways of returning to a more nature-infused lifestyle. Consider an open window, for instance –

  • Opening windows in the morning can allow you to put off turning on the air conditioning without your house becoming unbearably hot.
  • Open windows can decrease or remove the need for air-fresheners.
  • Depending on where you live, an open window can provide soothing sounds to replace playing a nature CD.

So if you have windows with broken glass or windows that have been painted shut, you may want to check into energy-efficient replacement windows. On another note, it is easy to actually bring aspects of the natural environment into your home and this can also give the space a more relaxing and refreshing ambience. Possibilities include potted plants, rock gardens, seashell collections, framed collages of pressed leaves, and bowls of fresh fruit or garden vegetables.

Switch to Green Cleaning

Another relatively easy way to increase your green living habits is to make the switch to green cleaners. Clearly, this is a smart choice for more than just the environment since it means reducing your family members’ and pets’ exposure to chemicals and toxic substances. A number of safe and environmentally friendly products are available at retail chains or through direct marketing thanks to companies like Sun and Earth, Seventh Generation, and Radiantly You.

Simple and safe household products like vinegar and baking soda also work well to clean certain surfaces. When it comes to fixtures like glass shower doors, mirrors, wood tables, and the like, keep in mind that safe for you and safe for the environment might not translate into safe for your glass, your furniture’s finish, etc.

Always check manufacturer’s guidelines when selecting a cleaning agent – even if you’re choosing from your shelf full of green cleaners.

Stop Throwing Away Leftovers

Throwing out leftover food breaks so many rules of good stewardship that it’s hard to know where to start. From the filling of the landfill, to the use of more trash bags, to the food that is prepared in place of the thrown out items, the waste is truly unsettling. Here are a few ideas for making leftover consumption more palatable in your home.

  • Have “fridge cleanout” lunches throughout the week and finish these meals with a special treat or dessert reserved for such occasions.
  • Re-heat leftovers without drying them out by adding a little water before warming them up in the microwave or oven.
  • Let your kids earn “credits” toward a treat by eating leftovers for snacks.
  • Use leftovers ingredients in your next recipe – i.e. cut up veggies from taco night in a salad or on a pizza.

Re-Use When It Makes Sense

Washing out a freezer bag that had chili in it, might not make sense. You could use tons of soap and water and still not have a clean, useable bag. On the other hand, a bag that housed dry cereal can be easily cleaned, dried, and used again. Other easy to re-use items include –

  • Grocery bags, which make good trash bags and doggy mess bags.
  • Popsicle sticks, which are great for kids’ art and craft projects.
  • Empty food jars, such as pickle jars, which can be used for storage containers.

If your “green” home needs the beauty of glass fixtures or mirrors, or if it’s time for high performance windows, call Arrow Glass and Mirror today at 512-339-4888!

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