Shedding Light on Bathroom Remodeling

Shedding Light on Your Bathroom Remodel

Set the mood lighting for your romantic night out or any occasion by choosing the right lighting options for your bathroom. Lighting can affect the ambiance to how your skin looks when applying cosmetics.

Here’s what to consider when you begin looking at lighting options:

Portion Control

How much and what kind of light are you working with? Consider the color palette and surface type you have in mind, and how it will look in the light your bathroom is capable of.

Most modern houses have incorporated dimmers so that you can control the amount of light in your room. If you have an older house then consider dimmers. They serve multiple functions, have the capability to shift a room’s mood instantaneously, and are in most cases easy to accommodate.

Quick tip: When adding lights make sure the fixtures match your overall theme and blend in.


Natural Vs. Artificial

Depending on the use of your bathroom and your specific taste you may find yourself wondering if you want natural light or just artificial light. In most cases you will be mixing natural and artificial light unless you live in Alaska during summer solstice.

Artificial light

Bathrooms are widely used for cosmetic uses and if you have the wrong light you could be seeing different skin tones or even missing certain aspects altogether. Natural light is optimum, but when you don’t have that option look (Color Rendering Index) number. If you stay above 90 your bulb will provide the closest comparison to natural light.

Quick tip: Lights with dimming options will let you see how your makeup will look in different light variations.

With artificial light it is important to find the best position in your bathroom. Lights must be utilized according to the location of mirrors, showers, and other amenities. Consider the position of light fixtures in relation to mirror visibility, angle, and reflection.

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Natural Light

We all need our vitamin D so why not catch some rays in the bathroom? Usually the bathroom is our first stop in the morning and natural light will help wake your body up as well as providing the perfect light to get ready in. If you want to add natural light to a space consider adding a skylight. This will give you the most light and it won’t be as harsh as a window that gets morning light.

One of the most used rooms in your house deserves attention. Incorporate these updates to fully enjoy your bathroom and to increase its resale value. For more remodeling information check out the complete Bathroom Remodeling ChecklistFirst Name*Last NameEmail*WebsiteComment*

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