Shower Enclosures: The Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel of Your Bathroom

Can you count on one hand how many baths you’ve taken in the last year? That’s what I thought; the total of baths you’ve taken last year can probably be counted on one hand. So take advantage of that space and invest in a shower that you will use and gain resale value with.

Here’s what you need to know about adding a shower remodel to your bathroom.


Do you have the space or floor plan to accommodate a frameless enclosure? Consider the size and surface of the enclosure. If you are taking out an outdated tub then you could have an abundance of space, but keep your spatial contingencies in mind.

Keep It Simple

Do you want a low maintenance option? Frameless glass enclosures are easier to maintain and create an elegant look to match your bathroom. This type of shower door increases the value of your home because new homebuyers are looking for this trending amenity. This look also allows for more creativity in design especially when matching plumbing fixtures. Houzz gave a survey to more than 7,500 of its users and this is what they found,

“Glass shower enclosures are the main choice for showers – eight in 10 bathrooms – with frameless glass topping the list for master baths (54 percent).”

While upgrading to a frameless shower door don’t be alarmed if there are holes from your old shower door. They can be covered up grout or sealant.

This option should be considered because it is both economical and durable all while keeping the vocal point of your bathroom, the shower, elegant.

It’s Getting Steamy In Here

Another trending bathroom upgrade is steam showers. This is a luxury that used to only be enjoyed at the spa, but it is a luxury that is quickly gaining popularity in many households. You will even be helping the environment as steaming uses 2 gallons of water for every 20 minutes where as an eco-friendly showerhead still uses 50 gallons for the same amount of time.

Add some eucalyptus and transform your shower time into a day at the spa.

You can’t regret something you will use everyday and that will add value to your home when you sell it. So consider your options for adding an elegant shower to upgrade your bathroom and maybe even a hot, steamy sanctuary.

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