Table Top Options: Choices for Today’s Homemaker

Whether your goal is the perfect dining room for entertaining or an attractive and serviceable space for everything from school projects to family dinners, great tabletop options are available to you.

Wood Tabletops

The top choice for centuries, wood tabletops still have much to offer dining rooms of today. To discover the wide range of possibilities available, let’s look at some of the specific options.

  • Natural edge tabletop – These tables are popular today because they combine natural beauty with a simple, modern style. Far from a budget item, these tabletops are fashioned from tree trunks and feature a live edge – the natural edge of the trunk. Natural edge tabletops are typically finished with a clear protective coating that keeps the wood grain visible.
  • Traditional wood tabletop with straight edges – Available with small, medium, and large price tags, these tables can be square, rectangular, oval, round, or a custom shape. They can be painted, but are frequently stained and varnished.
  • Antique or antique-style wood tables – Genuine antique table are often more suitable for décor than regular family use, but an antique-style distressed wood tabletop can be the answer to a family’s prayers. This style is characterized by dents, dings, cracked paint, and the like – the very things that parents often tear their hair out trying to prevent.

Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are super versatile in a couple different ways. For one thing, they are available in clear, colored, patterned, and frosted glass with still more variables regarding thickness and edgework.

Secondly, a glass tabletop can serve as a tabletop in its own right when affixed to a pedestal or other support structure or a clear glass tabletop can be used to protect a wood table while keeping its surface in view.

With a glass covering, your grandma’s antique table can also serve as a homework station and venue for arts and crafts parties!



Table cloths are wonderful for making your tabletop look special on the holidays or other special occasions. From funky to formal, tons of tablecloth styles are offered by modern retailers. Moreover, a tablecloth is also a superb fix for the homeowner who has a damaged tabletop but can’t afford to replace it.

For daily use, vinyl tablecloths can be durable and easy to wipe down. They are offered in solid colors as well as tons of patterns.


Placemats give us another way to give a dining room tabletop a special theme. Leaf-shaped placemats, for example, are perfect for celebrating the sights of fall. Placemats are offered in many shapes, from the standard rectangle to circles and patterns with voids.

They can be placed atop wood tables, glass tabletops, or a tablecloth. “Everyday” placements are also fun and can add interest to a routine family meal. Furthermore, placemats are made from numerous materials including cloth, vinyl, plastic, and straw.


A discussion of the many modern possibilities for tabletops would not be complete without addressing centerpieces. Whether your tabletop highlights the unique grain patterns of wood, the sleek loveliness of glass, or a special table cloth, the centerpiece is capable of adding focus and a theme to the table as a whole. Especially appealing centerpieces include –

  • A handcrafted wooden bowl filled with seasonal fruit.
  • Two tapers in eye-catching candlesticks.
  • A vase of fresh flowers.
  • A mirror underneath a crystal bowl.

If your plans for improving and beautifying your dining area include the need for glass or mirror products, be sure to give Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. a call at 512-339-4888. We can supply you with the high-quality items you need, such as tabletops, mirror glass, and glass shelving along with installation by skilled crews!

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