The 5 Best Shower Enclosure Doors to Buy

Getting the right shower enclosure  is key to the success of your bathroom remodel or design of your new bathroom. As the largest fixture in the room, the shower enclosure has a very defining role in the overall visual impact of the space.

And what’s more, since it’s used on a daily basis, safe and convenient access is of the utmost importance. Here are five great choices for creating a functional and attractive glass shower.

  • Bypass
  • Frameless slider
  • Single swinging
  • Double swinging
  • Walk-in

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Bypass Shower Doors

Familiar to most homeowners, glass bypass doors have been around for decades but remain popular due to their space efficiency and simplicity. Enclosures with bypass doors can be framed or semi-frameless. (The frame cannot be entirely eliminated because of the need for tracking.)

If you opt for this type of entrance, you will have two sliding doors running alongside each other in parallel tracks. Pros include the fact that they take up even less space than a shower curtain, while cons include the fact that it can be hard to keep the tracking clean.

Frameless Sliding Shower Door

A modern twist on the bypass door is the frameless slider. It is a dream come true for homeowners who need a space-friendly door system but are enamored with frameless design. A typical frameless sliding unit will have one door panel, which glides along a bar or other apparatus.

It will also include a fixed piece of glass next to the door, and may incorporate a 90 degree return, if needed to fully enclose your shower area. For a large enclosure, two frameless sliders can be used for a double door system with multiple glass walls.

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Single Swinging Door

If you have appropriate clearance around the shower, a swinging door is well worth considering. An entrance like this can lend elegance to even a small and simple bathroom setting. In fact, a clear glass door is the perfect prescription for a small shower stall that is currently dark, confining, and claustrophobic.

If you are thinking about choosing a swinging door, it is very important to note that building codes demand that the shower door be fitted with hinges that allow it to swing open. Thus it is vital to ensure that there will be room for the door to open without crashing into the vanity or toilet. A swinging door is also a versatile option in that it can typically be frameless, semi-frameless, or framed, according to your preference.

Double Swinging Doors

Step it up a notch with glamorous double doors if your bathroom is roomy enough to accommodate them. Double doors create a larger entry space and are hard to match in terms of stylistic effect.

They can be added to a simple tub and shower combo or they can be part of a large custom enclosure. Available in framed, semi-frameless, and frameless styles, double swinging doors are classy, convenient, and provide a very user-friendly entrance to the shower.


Walk-In Shower

Some home remodelers today are skipping the shower door altogether. No, I’m not thinking of those who opt for shower curtains, but those who choose to create a walk-in shower. An enclosure like this has an open entryway, and water is contained by means of shower head placement, a sloped shower floor, and sometimes a curb. However, as aging in place plans and universal design concepts grow in popularity, curbless walk-in showers are also becoming increasingly common.

Regardless of the type of shower enclosure and entrance you desire, Arrow Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your source for custom glass showers! A family owned and operated business, we are committed to customer satisfaction and install only high-quality, customized shower doors and enclosures.

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