The Mirror Essentials Your Home Can't Go Without

Mirror Essentials

When decorating your home with mirrors, the possibilities are endless. The right ones can reflect views and colors, while others lighten up dark and dreary spots and create the illusion of space in smaller rooms. When considering what mirrors to decorate your home with, don’t neglect these essentials!

 Custom Vanity Mirror

The vanity mirror in your bathroom is one of those focal points in the house where design must meet functionality. Making yourself presentable in the morning for that important presentation to the boss? Getting ready for a night out with friends? Odds are it all starts with the vanity mirror in your bathroom.

  • The Wall-To-Wall Ego Booster - Never miss a stray hair again with full wall coverage. A custom mirror, cut specifically for your bathroom will fit just right even if some surfaces aren’t level, or corners aren’t exactly 90 degree angles.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful – Custom mirrors can be cut into unique shapes for homeowners who want to make a bold statement in their bathroom.
  • Get Framed – A wide range of frames can add an element of glamour and style to your custom mirror.

Entryway Wall Mirror

When welcoming guests into your home, you’ve got one chance to make an incredible first impression. Entryways that feel cramped or a bit dim can set the wrong tone for company entering your home for the first time. Lighten up the mood, and add more space by beautifying your entryway with these mirrors. 


  • Illusionary Windows – No windows nearby? Get creative with mirror designs to create the illusion of real windows in your entryway!
  • Bench Reflections – Hanging a large mirror on the wall just above a bench is another trend that looks great and is easy to pull off.

Full-Length Bedroom Mirror

Without these handy mirrors, you might just find yourself awkwardly hunching over to see your whole outfit in a vanity mirror. Not only are these functionally essential to your home, full-length bedroom mirrors can create an interesting focal point, while making any bedroom seem bigger. Here are a few ideas to transform your bedroom mirror into the perfect wardrobe-wingman!

  • Go Rustic – Add warmth and a bit of rural-flair with rustic themed mirrors. Not only do these aesthetically look great, but wood will bring a bit of calming nature into your sleeping space.
  • Three’s Company – Matching mirror sets can create a subdued look while adding light into the space. These designs are definitely eye-catching!
  • Energetic Mirrors – Large mirrors not only create a brighter space, but they can bring in energy too. The bedroom is a great place to start creating good vibes, and when its time to relax, use curtains to calm the mood.

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