Use Glass Mirrors in Your Home & Get Creative

These 5 creative ways to use mirrors show that mirror glass is a great product for quickly transforming a room at a relatively low cost. Both practical and beautiful, mirror glass has served as a décor element and a necessity in American homes for centuries.

Modern homeowners do not have to be limited to the mirror sizes and shapes offered by local home stores. Conveniently located in Austin, TX, Arrow Glass and Mirror offers you a customized mirror shopping experience.

First, one of our mirror experts will meet with you for a free in-home consultation. He will answer your questions and provide a quote. Your mirror glass will be custom cut to fit in your space, and you can either pick it up to install yourself or have it installed by trained glaziers. If mirror glass could make your home brighter, contact us at 512-339-4888!

Make a Bathroom Ceiling Seem Higher With a Tall Vanity Mirror

A great place to use a mirror is, of course, above your bathroom vanity. This mirror serves a necessary function for family members who need to style hair, apply makeup, etc. However, the vanity mirror is more than just a practical fixture. It is also an integral element of the room’s décor and ambience.

If you select a tall custom vanity mirror that extends all the way to the ceiling, you create an illusion of height and make the bathroom ceiling appear higher than it is, adding drama and elegance to the room.

Beautify Your Living Room with a Framed Mirror

Does your living room lack interest and personality? One of our 5 ways to use mirrors involves utilizing mirror glass to boost a living room’s aesthetic appeal. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, bold, or minimalistic, there is framed mirror for you. When you hang a framed mirror on a boring living room wall it is completely transformed because –

  • The mirror adds a sense of depth and visual expansion.
  • It is an ever-changing wall hanging since what you see reflected changes as you move about the room.
  • Your living room is illuminated by the light reflected in the framed mirror.
  • The frame itself serves as an attractive décor piece.

Upgrade Your Home Workout Space with a Gym Mirror

Do you have a room where you work out with exercise videos? A space where you lift weights or train on a treadmill or elliptical? With a gym mirror, you can give this part of your home the ambience of a professional gym.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can have Arrow Glass and Mirror install wall-to-wall mirrors throughout your home gym or simply cover select wall space with mirror glass. Gym mirrors do more than just improve the atmosphere of your exercise room, though. They also allow you to monitor and improve your form as you work out.

Make a Little Room Look Wider with a Wall Mirror

While we’re on the subject of large mirrors, let’s consider another of the 5 ways to use mirrors in your home – making your living space seem bigger. If you have a room in the house that is smaller than you would like – maybe a dining room, den, or office – know that you can make the room look twice as big by having a wall mirror installed.

Depending on the size of the wall and the size of the entryway into the room, we can use one mirror to cover the wall or a few large mirrors adjacent to one another.

Add Character to Your Foyer

When someone first walks into your home, are they greeted by a space that is charming and inviting? If your foyer leaves something to be desired, consider how the use of mirror glass could drastically transform it. Depending on your style and goals for the space, you might try –

  • Ordering a custom mirror in a unique or asymmetrical shape.
  • Hanging a mirror in a frame that introduces your home décor theme.
  • Having a wall mirror installed

By adding the right mirror to your foyer, you take it from a boring little area to a pleasant gateway into your home!

For all your mirror and glass needs, remember to call Arrow Glass and Mirror at 512-339-4888!

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