What Is Tempered Glass?

For valid reasons, glass is categorized as a delicate and potentially harmful material, yet it continues to grow in popularity. Thanks to tempered glass, the days of kids running through a glass sliding door resulting in a hospital visit are over. Learn how tempered glass is manufactured, why it’s different from standard glass, and why you should use it in your home.

How Is Tempered Glass Made?

The glass is first cut and checked for any imperfections that would cause it to break. Once it has been approved it’s placed in an oven and heated at least to 600 degrees Celsius.

The next step is the part that makes tempered glass 4 times as strong as normal glass. The glass goes through quenching, a process of high-pressure cooling. The outer edges will cool faster than the middle causing it to pull back from the outer surfaces. The center will be tense causing the outer surfaces to be compressed and give the glass its strength.

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Standard Glass vs. Tempered Glass

When glass is in tension it’s known as annealed glass. This is the standard glass and they type of glass that breaks into harmful shards. It’s widely used for products that need to be cut, shaped, or any other customization.

Tempered glass is stronger and it breaks evenly into small pieces to protect your safety. However, it can’t be reworked because that will cause breaks in the glass.

The compressed glass aka tempered glass breaks at 24,000 psi (pounds per square inch) and is mandated by the government to have at least 10,000 psi. Annealed glass will break at 6,000 psi.

Why Choose Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass should be used in any product where safety is a concern like windows or shower doors. Keep in mind that it’s not unbreakable; for example, if a 60mph golf ball hit your window it will break, but you are less likely to get injured from it.  Trade in your families health concerns for tempered glass.

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