What To Really Expect When Remodeling

Over $300 billion was spent on remodeling last year across the United States. And though you can have a sense of how many folks are going through the process, you can’t really feel what it is to live through one. You may have thoughts of grandeur as the final result, and that you can handle just about any inconvenience to make it come to fruition – until you are in the midst of it!


When the first cut to a board is made in your home, you experience for the first time what that word, dust, really means. No matter how much effort is made to reduce this tiny material, you cannot be fully prepared for it. It's everywhere. On your toothbrush, in your coffee, within your clothes.

So before it happens, be sure to sit down with your contractor. Go over all the processes that will be used. Will there be sheets of plastic to keep dust localized? Will the crew be constantly sweeping, and will there be an air scrubber to capture dust before it can travel to other parts of your living space?

For those with sensitive respiratory systems, this is a major issue. Not only will dust be caused from wood, but also particulates of drywall, paint and other materials, with the ability to irritate nasal passages and lungs.


You may tell yourself that it will be well worth the trouble to have a new kitchen, bath, or bedroom. Each has its own problems. Beginning with the kitchen, a simple cup of coffee is a hassle. Making a full meal for several people will be miserable, especially if you decide to set up a portable stove in the garage. Then the bath – brushing your teeth may be problematic. Even if you have another bathroom in a different part of the house, you must change your routine. Setting up temporary quarters in the living room or den may quickly turn to stress, when settling in for the night.


With construction comes noise. It cannot be helped. Talk to your contractor if the backyard or garage will be used, where the crew will be cutting or storing materials. If you're on the premises during construction, you will be inundated with loud crashes, loud power tools and loud conversations. It feels as though a jackhammer is running in your head constantly. Forget about making calls or watching your favorite show peacefully.

Come To Terms

So picture yourself in the worst of moods; having been stuck in traffic or experiencing a really bad day at work and returning home to a mess. Figure ways to work around a room being unavailable before the construction begins. Even test it out, make dinner at a friend's house or set up routines for showers, and where you can go to find respite for a while.

You won't know what drives you nuts until it all begins, but you can reduce the stress if you have workarounds already planned.

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