Upgrade Your Bathroom & Add Value With New Shower Doors

Shower doors receive little attention in day-to-day life. They’re rarely admired as a piece of art, but rather just opened and closed as people get into and out of the shower. Your home’s shower door, however, says a lot about your style. If it’s been awhile since you last updated your home, give it a modern look with a new shower door. You’ll even increase your home’s value at the same time.

Shower Doors
Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors Add Style

Most shower doors today are made of glass, and there are many styles of doors available. The glass may be:

  1. Clear
  2. Frosted
  3. Tinted
  4. Etched with a design

Additionally, doors are available in both framed and unframed versions, although frameless glass doors are the most contemporary looking. Depending on your bathroom’s layout, you might want a door that swings open and closed, or one that slides back and forth.

Tempered Glass is Strong

Glass shower doors are made with tempered glass, which is stronger than normal glass. The tempering process uses heat and chemicals to strengthen glass. Today’s high-end glass doors will withstand multiple bumps without an issue, making them safe to install in bathrooms that both adults and children use.

Glass Doors Increase Value

When installing a glass shower door, you’re not only updating your bathroom’s look for your own pleasure, but you’re also increasing your home’s value. Few projects will add as much value to a home as updating its master bath. The one exception to this is remodeling an outdated kitchen, which will also increase a home’s price. Redoing everything in the kitchen costs significantly more than installing a glass shower door, though.

Best of all, anyone with a shower in their bathroom can install a glass door -- regardless of the bathroom’s look. Glass is a versatile material that will match anything, so you can put in a new glass shower door without redoing the rest of the bathroom.

If your home is beginning to look like it’s from another era, consider giving it a facelift with a glass shower door. A shower door may seem benign, but homes can often be dated by their shower doors. What’s yours say about your home? Make sure it suggests that your home is modern, has been updated and worth a princely sum. The best way to say this is with a glass shower door.

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