Glass Table Tops Add Beauty & Value to Your Home

A great way to add value to your home is to beautify the things that are used as a big part of kitchen life.  The kitchen should come to mind (after all, we all need to eat!), and after that comes the table top, where the family gathers for family discussions, meetings, and more.  We offer some of the finest glass table tops that you can find in Austin, but here are some reasons as to why the table top is where you want to go to improve your daily life.

Glass Table Tops for Your Home   Glass Table Tops

First and foremost, glass makes everything look nicer.  Since glass is transparent, it makes the room look larger and calls attention to that, while have a pleasing view to the eye.  Glass table tops also match pretty much any type of decor, whether you are going for something classical or if you want a more contemporary design.

Of course, you might have a very unique theme in mind - say, a room themed around marble.

A normal wooden table wouldn't quite match, but with a glass table top, you can put the glass on top of a pair of marble columns to have something that fits right now.

This kind of versatility can't be matched with any other product in the table family, and it is a big benefit to considering glass.  The only limit on the styles that you can achieve with glass table tops are limited to your imagination.  You can even use a glass table top over a traditional wooden table to call attention to something on the base of a table.  This can be fun to do with kids to build pirate themed tables in play rooms, with a vintage treasure map located under the glass table top.


Maintenance also becomes a lot easier when you have glass in place.  Wood can have a lot of very bad things happen, very easily.  Wood can warp, it can get permanently stained, and if wood gets chipped it is almost impossible to hide the cuts on the wood.  Tempered glass, on the other hand, is very difficult to damage, and cleaning a glass table top just needs your average cleaning spray and some paper towels - no special chemicals needed.

Regardless of the reason why you are considering a glass table top we will be more than happy to work with you to find the right table top for your home.  Whether you want to replace an existing piece of glass, add to a wooden table to create a really impressive view, or if you want to do a really exciting project to make furniture out of some spare pieces and our glass, we are here to support you in meeting your goals.  We can even match your new glass table top with cabinets, walls, mirrors, and so much more!

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