Glass Shower Doors - Keeping them Clean & Sparkling

Glass shower doors can give your ordinary shower a modern and airy look.  They are also more hygienic than traditional vinyl shower curtains, which can potentially promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Because glass shower doors see a lot of use, they need to be cleaned regularly to remove the build-up of soap scum, hard water and mold and mildew.  These cleaning tips will help keep your shower doors looking beautiful for years to come.

Removing Soap Scum

Glass Shower EnclosureSoap scum is the white solid build-up of soap in addition to hard water.  Bar soap is often the culprit because it contains talc, which reacts with the minerals in hard water.  It can be very tough to remove in some cases.  An effective natural option for removing it is white vinegar.

It does an excellent job of removing soap scum, but it does have a very pungent odor.  Take a sponge and soak it in undiluted white vinegar and apply it liberally to your shower door.  Leave the vinegar on the door for about five minutes and then wipe the door off with a rag soaked in warm water. The vinegar smell will go away after you take a few showers.

There are other solutions on the market for removing soap scum and the results will vary.  Keep in mind that some of these chemicals can be hazardous if inhaled or if they make contact with your skin.  

Removing Mold and Mildew

Shower EnclosuresAlthough soap scum is unsightly, it does not pose the health hazards that mold and mildew do.  Mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems, cold-like symptoms and allergic reactions. They thrive in moist environments and can grow on any surface.  These threats can thrive in the track and hinge areas of your shower door.  Black, green and pink mold can make you sick if you they are not kept in check.

Make a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water in a spray bottle.

You can also use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide without diluting it.  Be very careful not to mix the bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution with any other cleaning chemicals.  You could potentially cause a highly toxic chemical reaction.

Spray the mold-affected areas with the solution and let it sit.  You may need to do this a few times to get rid of the fungi.  If the mold or mildew has adhered to the caulk in your shower, you may need to replace the caulking altogether.

Removing Water Spots

Shower Enclosure of GlassWater spots, like soap scum, are a residue caused by the high mineral content of hard water.  They are not as difficult to remove as soap scum though, and a solution of half-water and half-vinegar should get rid of them.  Just like the soap scum removal method, let the vinegar and water solution stay on the door for about five minutes and then wipe it clean with a warm wet cloth.

There a few ways to extend the time between cleaning your glass shower doors. If you use bar soap, you should switch to liquid soap, because it does not contain talc.  You can also use clear car wax on your shower doors to prevent the build-up of soap scum or water spots.  Make sure you don’t get any on the floor because it could become very slippery and cause you to slip and fall.   You should also keep a shower squeegee on hand and give the glass a good wipe from top to bottom after every shower.  This will remove the residue before it ever has the chance to harden.

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