Sliding Glass Doors

Decorating Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors

Decorating ideas for sliding glass doors are sometimes challenging because you want to show your doors off to their best effect, not block air and light, yet still have privacy. There are a variety of window treatments that are ideal for sliding glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors
Glass doors

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are practical window treatments for sliding glass doors because they stack to the side, allowing you easy access to the doors and giving you full advantage of the view outside your home, whether it's a pretty garden or miles of rolling hills or gorgeous beaches. Vertical blinds are also available in an s-shaped format, which gives the feel of soft drapery, while cellular or honeycomb vertical blinds are extremely energy efficient. Alternatively, install drapery panels that look like very wide vertical blinds, and you're able to introduce fabric, colors and patterns to match your existing decor.

Glider Blinds

This innovative invention lets you fit attractive wood horizontal blinds, but instead of having to lift the blinds each time you want access to the sliding door, all you do is slide the whole blind to the side. The system works on double tracks and is easy to use manually or it can be motorized and controlled from a smartphone.

Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters

Go for the Southern look with bi-fold plantation shutters, which are ideal for sliding glass doors because when closed they block heat or cold from coming in from the outside, depending on the season. Made of enamel-painted wood, this type of plantation shutter folds together and then back against the wall, letting in air and light when you want it.


Traditional curtains look fantastic with sliding glass doors, and you can fit them so they open to one side or pull back completely out of the way on each side of the door. Choose lined curtains if your sliding door faces east or west and you need to block the bright light, or go for sheer curtains that will let in light and air but cut the glare. Use tie backs so that the curtains don't get in the way of door handles.

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